Best FLEA Bass Solos

I’m back! :) Here’s a little video, these are 5 flea’s bass solos, do you know from which songs i took them? :) Leave a comment!! Check out my ALBUM for more…

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25 Responses to Best FLEA Bass Solos

  1. polpterusdelhezi says:

    im the only one who hates his face ?

  2. Florian Decros says:

    0:17 Yeah ! Aeroplane is so funky…

  3. jt2209 says:

    what is FLEA if i could ask?

  4. Tony Wurziger says:

    There are 41 NOOBS!

  5. Ed Kell says:

    Stone Cold Bush, Aeroplane, Coffee Shop, Naked in the Rain, and I’m missing
    on one of them

  6. Don Ross says:

    Davie, thanks for sharing your fantastic talent and ability on line –
    you’ve definitely got my respect, love hearing and watching you play!

  7. appleshampoo182 says:

    Loved Coffee Shop in there at the end!! All was great of course ;D

  8. Tommy Varekai says:

    why didnt you play it on yours flea bass right behind you?

  9. SplintHD says:

    Why didn’t you use the flea bass in the background?

  10. david was here says:

    I like how you are not using your flea base for the flea song

  11. Sam Streubel says:

    The 100 bass lines guy. You’re all right kid!

  12. Cristian Cannata says:

    Stone Cold Bush, Aeroplane, Naked In The Rain, Skinny Sweaty Man, Coffee

  13. Abhishek Nag says:

    Nicely played! :) 

  14. Deryc Cleyner says:

    0:00 Stone Cold Bush
    0:15 Aeroplane
    0:32 Naked in the Rain
    0:55 Skinny Sweaty Man
    1:14 Coffee Shop

  15. Hyun Jong Hong says:

    기가막히네요 으으

  16. inopinanteyon says: play slap bass very good..I too practise and I play slap
    bas..I love it ¿Do you like Gary Lee, Les Claypool? 

  17. johnny rex says:

    May i ask? What is that song? The last part? It was AMAZING! I need that
    dude. What’s the title?

  18. Thomas Adler says:

    Amigo tienes cara de idiota pero tocas muy bien

  19. Bill DiMarco says:

    wait, you aren’t using that Flea Bass hanging on the wall to play Flea
    Basslines?!? im am confused.

  20. Florian Müller says:

    well skilled, m8 :) 

  21. ReadySetGame says:

    That was F*cking awesome i mean absolutely awesome

  22. Hess Hervé says:

    why didn’t you use your flea bass to play flea solos (lol) ?

  23. alyoshkatheketyah says:

    nice fat sound! and pretty neat Aeroplane’s version – not apple to apple
    accurate, yet cool the same way!

  24. Tylers Covers says:

    Hey Dave, a song you might want to check out that has nice basslines/funky
    style, it’s Too Hot To Stop by The Bar Kays

  25. kid gloves says:

    that was tight bro!

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