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Multiple Bt toxins won't immediately fix all pest problems, researchers say
Findings of a new study on multiple Bt toxins in biotech crops could improve the way crops are managed and promote development of varieties that are more effective at pest control, University of Arizona researchers say. The study, published as an
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Fruit-fly genome helps flick pest
DNA tests will help distinguish Australia's native pests from potentially catastrophic invaders such as the papaya fruit fly, which infiltrated the Cairns area in 1997, triggering a two-year clean-up operation that cost more than $ 35 million. Tests
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Glasshouse food service shut following 'pest activity'
YUSU has closed down food services at the Glasshouse after pests were spotted around nearby Langwith College accommodation blocks and the outlet's nucleus building. A statement from the students' union commercials team said that it was the “most …
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Pest busters going high-tech to sniff out rodents in hard-to-find places
Black rat, a common rodent found in Singapore. To outsmart rats, pest controllers are arming themselves not just with glue boards and traps, but also a range of equipment such as motion sensors and infrared technology. — PHOTO: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.
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