The Hives – “Tick Tick Boom” live in New York

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25 Responses to The Hives – “Tick Tick Boom” live in New York

  1. Lord Satan says:

    These guys are brilliant!

  2. Viktor Karaffa says:

    Kibaszott komoly lehetett élőben…

  3. NE CAMACH says:


  4. Darius von Liechtenstein says:

    this is awesome on so many levels! :-D 

  5. Steven Eppler says:

    Kicking ass doesn’t even come close to describing these guys…

  6. Hank Chinaski says:

    Pelle is one of the best front men ever.

  7. Mike Coppedge says:

    This was the best show I’ve ever gone to! Such an amazing live band!!!!!!

  8. Yuan Li Yon Muñiz says:


  9. JayBnLA says:

    Ok – that was awesome.

  10. theMrbinno says:

    buon pomeriggio ;) )

  11. derry667dingo says:

    So… Pelle eventually got out of the mosh pit?

    These guys are totally INSANE in all the right ways!


  12. Robert Woudman says:

    FUCKIN’ AWESOME. This puts a smile on my face!

  13. Will Nash says:

    Does the lead singer remind anyone else of Jim Carrey?

  14. borg7312 says:


  15. Ken Schiller says:

    Swedish Music export. Best in the World..

  16. carrilho filipe says:


  17. Johan Bengtsson says:

    Matt Destruction is like… an angry George Costanza. Love him!

  18. james harris says:


  19. Alexis ST says:

    It’s too late, it’s too soon, or is it tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick,
    tick, BOOM!
    I’m currently drumming along this beauty

  20. Mario Venkman says:

    5:25 lol

  21. Carlos Sarceno says:

    Nappa what does the scouter say about his showmanship level?

  22. Brenda R says:

    OF ART

  23. Carlos DeOcesano says:

    Eu amo esses caras!

  24. Mathieu P says:

    I want YOUR drug, the fuckin singer!

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