After living under a dumpster for 11 months, this dog gets rescued and goes from SAD to HAPPY!

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25 Responses to After living under a dumpster for 11 months, this dog gets rescued and goes from SAD to HAPPY!

  1. Eldad Hagar says:

    I just posted a NEW rescue video. We’re trying to reach a goal set by
    YouTube (to reach a million subscribers). Please click here and subscribe: – Thanks :-) 

  2. Ed Magallanes says:

    Mc donalds should sponsor you :p lol

  3. santos barajas says:

    God bless you man I have a Maltese who’s missing plz try to find it

  4. Boris Janssens says:

    giving burgers to everything. Only in america

  5. Ene Enomoto Takane says:

    What song was used I this ??

  6. MuscleAndFuss says:

    Now stop making me cry EVERYTIME guys.

  7. Dave S says:

    In a world this shitty ..this #dog is rescued

  8. Katherine says:

    I hope you guys have permission to use the music you have in your videos.
    It would suck if they were removed over a technicality. Like Michelle Phan
    being sued. 

  9. Dinah Donovon says:

    Every December I take the few dollars here and there I saved up to donate
    to causes.. Usually animal… and I end up giving like 10 dollars to 7 or
    so charities.. I do plan on giving a couple ten dollars or so but the bulk
    is being donated to Hope For Paws….. They are AMAZING!!

  10. wordreet says:

    What a sweet boy he is! Hmm, wonder how he lost his tail, Cattle Dogs have
    nice tails for wagging work.

  11. VideosDeBaile♥ says:

    esto no tiene mucho que ver pero recuerdo que cuando me fui de vacaciones
    atras de mi casa habia otra casa que tenia 2 perros, una era hembra llamada
    Uma y el otro era macho llamado Mati, recuerdo que Uma estaba llena de
    garrapatas y Mati estaba lastimado y tenia sangre, porque sus dueños NO los
    cuidaban, y cuando yo los vi, fui corriendo hacia ellos para mimarlos pero
    mi mamá me retó! luego fuimos a comer y trate de comer lo mas rapido
    posible para ir sin que nadie se de cuenta a la casa de los perros y por
    fin llegue y nadie me pudo detener! como los perros NO estaban muy bien,
    tenian hambre y falta de cariño, los acaricié y traje sobras de la comida
    que muy rapido comí ! jeje, entonces me volvi amiga de esos perros y me
    quisieron mucho, todos los dias yo terminaba de comer y a escondidas
    lleveva sobras y les daba! gracias a mi los perros se sintieron mejor pero
    hubo un dia en el que tube que volver a mi casa real y pobres de los perros
    que les habra pasado……..

  12. Eldad Hagar says:

    Add a message to your video

  13. Ignas Silevicius says:

    wow, im afraid of dogs, i cant think of dog rescues, but when i watch, that
    is soo nice ;) 

  14. veronica julian says:

    how come you always feed them burgers?

  15. Marcel Banzhaf says:

    OMG…. I Support you!!!!!! I love dogs and I think you do a great job!!!!!
    All dogs should have a home so please dont stop doing this!!!

  16. Eva says:

    People who abandon animals deserve to burn in hell. How can they be so
    heartless? Few things bother me as much as seeing an abandoned animal.

  17. VEVOArianaGrande says:

    Take a look at this video on YouTube:

  18. Alain Bradette says:

    such a beautiful puppy=] lol wow good job at this loving rescue .

  19. Hero says:

    If any of my four cats (who were also rescued) liked dogs as well as if my
    dad did I would love to adopt one from you guys, they’re very adorable,
    well cared for, and happy.
    (It’s also a problem that I travel with my parents a lot in a camper so a
    big dog isn’t a good option at the moment)

  20. Revelations says:

    Eldad Hagar should be in charge of all the animal shelters….we need
    CHANGE and
    we need it NOW..led with compassion and concern. No more murder of our

  21. Marcel Banzhaf says:

    I’ve looked much videos from the rescure. .. Sory for my English I’am a
    Child from Germany but anyway DON’T STOP DOING THIS!!!!!!! All dogs are
    beautiful !!! My dogs Aika and Wilma support you too:-)

  22. BangItBros says:

    Why bother to dislike rather than like?? Or just watch the video

  23. Autumn Leaf says:

    Cutie thing =’)

  24. Petshop Angel says:

    Félicitation ! Encore un chien sauvé :3 ♥

  25. Peter Steele says:

    you guys should get a sponsorship/advertising deal with McDonalds

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