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Sledding Kids Covered With Dog Poop in West Loop, Neighbors Angry
Maesel, who lives near the park with his wife, two dogs and two children, said that Bartelme's dog problems have been "consistently bad" during his five years on the board. Now that more people are using the park, the problems have only gotten worse, …
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Is your dog no longer a cute puppy? PuppySwap says trade it in
But then, alas, the critter grows up and those floppy ears and oversize paws and that charming lack of coordination all fade and you're stuck with just another dog. A website called PuppySwap has an idea for you: Just trade your grown dog in for
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Dog taken by neighbors who think it was being neglected
“The dog was clearly starving and in really bad shape so we got a group of us and go over there,” Niesz-Ramos said, according to the report. Niesz-Ramos said the dog was so weak she could barely stand and was shaking because she was cold. Kiki was …

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