Chad Smith and Flea Jam – NAMM 2009

Original Date: 01/17/2009 Here’s Chad Smith and Flea jamming at Flea Bass (Flea’s Bass company) during Winter NAMM 2009. Our crew was lucky enough to get rig…
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25 Responses to Chad Smith and Flea Jam – NAMM 2009

  1. gethsenamane says:

    This could be the best I have ever heard them. Amazing.

  2. Tony Hunt says:

    Why do some people talk utter shite this drummer is ace u mexican dick head

  3. Jonathon Mayes says:

    Ghost notes are perfect on the snare.

  4. baltapaulaxl says:

    Is great to know they don’t need to be in a huge gig, arena or something
    massive to give the 100%, they just enjoy the music o/

  5. synth on a plinth says:

    After the jam, Flea went and played nine holes of golf.

  6. iPosts eightonefive says:

    A instructional video of how big men destroy tiny instruments :p Gotta love
    the, :) 

  7. Dave Favila says:

    Proof that it’s not the drums that make the drummer but the drummer who
    makes the drums.

  8. the toasted plumb says:

    I see fleas using the flea bass

  9. yewwtube says:

    tight as a bow string

  10. Jayse Beets says:

    wow even on a portable kit, chad smith can jam like a badass!

  11. pnsmexico says:

    hell da fuck no! this nigga ain’t good worth shit! still playing da same
    shit after all these years! please, Mexica-looking nigga, play something
    else! you fucking suck dick like a fucking faggot! you disappoint to the
    hilt! always playing da same shit since 1989. no fucking difference. can’t
    play double bass, can’t play odd-time signatures, can’t play one-handed
    rolls, and can’t play jazz. any nigga even knows this lazy under-achieving
    old fuck’s been playing drums since like 1968, since he was 7 years old?
    compare this lazy no-good fuck to the greatness of mike mangini, jojo
    mayer, portnoy, beauford, chambers, weckle; and even youtubers like mike
    Johnston, jared faulk, etc…, and you know drummers that played over 40
    years, is supposed to be at least 2/3 as good as buddy rich by now. some
    are even better. if this shit was Karate, chad smith will always be fucking
    blue belt with 2 stripes until he dies. stop fucking playing in public,
    air-drumming bullshit, get some fucking $5 drum lessons from avery the 7
    year-old drummer, and practice the fuck out!! fuck, u suck, chad smith!
    even will Ferrell can beat u in a late-night competition! fuck, jesus
    Christ! can this fucker ever play anything else? and without flea saving
    his ass all the time?

  12. AdaStra says:

    Look like Flea just got off a shift at Target.

  13. Carl Carlson says:

    Flea and Chad are crushin it…right on!!

  14. Ben Willing says:

    It’s not a glass screen. It’s a glass case of emotion.

  15. hosersupreme says:

    Seriously one of the greatest and most talented rhythm sections you’ll find
    in modern music. Period. Whether or not you’re a RHCP fan, these two are
    still insanely talented and play off each other so naturally and
    intuitively to perfection.

  16. Zenjedi99v2 says:

    I wouldn’t be the same person if I never ever seen Chad Smith & Flea get

  17. jorden mohns says:

    chad smith is a fucking legend 

  18. james philip says:

    Chad Smith is a Solid Drummer!!

  19. Hokatriots says:

    can barely hear Flea but I know he was crushing it.. with a shirt on

  20. Anthony Ortiz says:

    that snare is fucked up…

  21. TomViolence56 says:

    Here’s Flea!

  22. O Tawa says:

    Because having a real drum is too mainstream xD

  23. xXxCoolPointxXx says:

    so chad is the main

  24. Double Dee Tee Vee says:

    improv perfection. 

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