How to Get Rid of Head Lice Fast Head lice are one of the most common problems that affect children all over the world. In the United States alone, six to 12 million ki…
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32 Responses to How to Get Rid of Head Lice Fast

  1. Chipp Marshal says:

    I. HATE. LICE. Does anyone agree?

  2. yow yeh Sua says:

    do you put the coconut oil right after you’ve done the vinegar session?

  3. Karina Visser says:

    My grandmother always says rinsing your hair with vinegar water works fast?

  4. Adam Coleman says:

    If using the coconut oil treatment…you said to use this method for two
    weeks. How often during these two weeks. Daily? Every other day? X1 or x2 a

  5. Tutorial Pro says:

    guys there was this girl in my school and we were leaving home on the bus
    and she sat on my seat and i was like umm my friend sits here sorry. and
    she didnt move so my friend got there and she didnt move so it was us 3
    sitting there. then i stared into her hair and i saw a bug and i was like
    um u have a bug in your hair! and she just itched it. then i look behind
    her ear and she had another and it was an adult. i didnt want her to feel
    bad so i didnt scream that she has lice because people on my bus would like
    bully her so i just moved ahead and like i squished my head against the
    front seat so i was like 1 foot away. could i still got it because it
    looked like it had wings and it was flapping them. when we went to get off
    i looked there and it wasnt there no more and now i have to do the
    treatment just in case. but question can u get head lice if youre about a
    foot away from that person? im so scared and now my head is itching. but it
    might be that im watching these videos! anyone please? she better not sit
    in my seat again or i will be like GTFO! 

  6. isabella bernardini says:

    When I itch my head very often I get brown stuff into my nails, if its
    really bad it can look like I painted the top of my nail black. What is
    that stuff?

  7. Naidelyn Alvarado says:

    I hate lice and I never want to have lice again 

  8. ☯OmgItsKellz☯ says:

    I’ve had it for like a year, I seriously hate the buggers

  9. yow yeh Sua says:

    does this work?

  10. Puppylover336 says:


  11. Jennifer Montes says:

    Use alcohol it kill them more fast and they won’t come back!!!

  12. InsanePeanuts says:

    And when push comes to shove , dye your hair , it kills them with all those
    chemicals thats if your willing to dye it even if its ur natural color , a
    cheap one from the drugstore will fo the job, i dont recomemd this to do on

  13. Minecraft Me says:

    okay so yesterday my hair was really ichy, like really really ichy, i iched
    it and then a bug came out. I quickly tried to get it off. today i felt
    even more ichier, i told my mom i have head lice. IT IS THE WORST! I NEED

  14. ladyinnominate says:

    The photo you show of the fine toothed comb isn’t the correct comb to use.
    Plastic combs are too flexible and will not do the trick as efficiently as
    the metal toothed combs that are designed for removing the lice and nits
    from the hair.

  15. xXBella NightshadexX says:

    well i was gonna dye my hair soon and i just pulled like 5 bugs out of my
    hair so do you think the bleach i need to dye my hair will kill them?

  16. Rita Geraghty says:

    I had head lice for first time in years, after I began using a hairbrush.
    Previously, I used my fingernails to comb my hair. With the brush, I picked
    up headlice. Unbelieveable. Some infested person used my brush. I have
    given up the brush, but not the comb. 

  17. Carley Crooks says:

    oh my frick nasty kids a my new school gave me lice and I feel really gross
    now so im glad I found this.

  18. Robbie Olivo says:

    Many women would disagree but my sister’s would get lice very seldom
    because my mother would always keep their hair short. Lice need longer
    hairs to survive.. with short hair it barely leaves them room for growth. 

  19. Mariela Garcia says:

    Mouthwash works really well but not with the eggs :( have to pick those out

  20. rebecca gottschalk says:

    Use conditioner when you shower and use a lice comb to come them out, they
    die fast and that should get rid of them.

  21. Jenny Melo says:

    You can use listerine to

  22. Minecraft Me says:

    I need to get lice off, not with chemicals or anything, any home
    treatments? otherwise my mom has to buy stuff.

  23. Rita Geraghty says:

    Has anyone heard of the use of vodka for head lice? I think vodka is to be
    mixed with something like oil. 

  24. lovonal lee says:

    How could u leave ur hair in grease stuff overnite??

  25. Corrine Garcia says:

    thank u 4 that infro

  26. DariWarcraft says:


  27. Soccer team pro 15 says:


  28. Andjela Aleksic says:

    Ozbiljno?!! Izabrali su pesmu od pre 6 godina??

  29. Maja Vlahović says:

    Izvrsno i originalno! Bravo! Samo naprijed! :D 

  30. Mara Marić says:


  31. Anastasija Biebs says:


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