On the eighth day of clinics

Hey everyone, thank you for all your kind words and your sharing the piece I wrote the other day. All of the commenters coming on here and talking about how much they love their vet and feel they have a wonderful collaborative relationship is the best Christmas present you could give me. Truly. OK! Now I have to get back on schedule so we’re done by Thursday on the 12 days of clinics!

My Newfie gave to me:

Xander's Knee


7 mites a-swimming

6 Old Souls Graying

5 Moldy Rings!

4 Gastric Grommets

3 Dead Pens

2 Blown Up Gloves

And a linear Foreign Body!

Jessi, who sent me this radiograph, writes: “this is my Newfie, Xander after his first TPLO — 8 stainless screws….”

Note the way she said “first”. BTDT! Thanks Jessi and Xander!

Next one also coming up today! Stay tuned.

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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