S06E01 How to Raise the Perfect Dog

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The Wonder of Dogs Episode 1 BBC Documentary 2013 All about Dogs From huge dogs to tiny dogs, working dogs to lap dogs, hairy dogs to hairless dogs – the tea…

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34 Responses to S06E01 How to Raise the Perfect Dog

  1. No Google+ says:

    I think Cesar is an incredible figure in this field. I Appreciate and
    respect all this expert does for dogs and people alike, and how he let’s us
    know that it is not what type or breed of dog you have, but how you raise,
    train, and care for it. But I have got to say that there is no such thing
    as a *purebred Pitbull*. A Pitbull is a term that is used to describe
    different breeds and mutts with the qualities of Bully dogs (dogs that have
    large heads, strong jaws, have muscle, have broad chest, wide, strong
    necks, and short coats). Dogs like Pitbull Terriers, Staffies, American
    Bulldogs, boxers, and other dogs are all Pitbulls. Just like hound does
    not mean one breed of dog, neither does the term Pitbull mean one breed of
    dog. Click here to learn more –

  2. resqfireman1 says:

    Daddy has got to be a candidate for “best dog ever.” What a great dog he

  3. jerry malinab says:

    lovely dog…… i love it….. make you feel good…. yeah men…#77m

  4. AndreasDK says:

    i would buy a doberman xD

  5. Rohit Sharma says:

    salute you cesar

  6. Claudia Candra says:

    is this the same one as their DVD?

  7. AndreasDK says:

    14:29 i’ve got a cavalier :) 

  8. onewithmyself says:

    oh hey look cesar using positive reinforcement. take that haters

  9. Lionel Escalante says:

    Dog Whisperer
    Daddy & Jr.

  10. Border Alen says:

    this video illustrates perfectly what’s “qualzucht” in german, (cruel
    breading)….FCI should stop kidding around, fuck the money, we will
    destroy the only living thing that approached us from the wild, 1000s
    years of history and our best friends

  11. Olivia Wilson says:

    My dog is a mix of a daschund and chuawa… Chiweenie!

  12. Kun Tipparut says:

    What is the song called in opening? 

  13. Jordan Hammond says:

    Filming this was great!

  14. tom wolf says:

    how thefuck did that mutant redhead mealted plastic face woman becom a
    presentor. im vomiting.

  15. hui yin yap says:

    i wish most of the people choose to adopt a dog doesn’t matter what breed
    they are.
    Why we breed what we want instead of what is good for the dog?

  16. Ayiesha Stewart says:

    I’m glad some breeders are trying to get the English Bulldog healthier. 

  17. Torched Monkey says:

    How to train your dog not to shit inside the house?

  18. Bill Gardner says:

    I LOVE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. hui yin yap says:

    what happen to the dogs if they bred a dog that they don’t want?

  20. Michael Yu says:

    Why the fuck is greyhound racing in this video? Greyhounds are abused if
    they don’t win the race. It should not be fucking supported. 

  21. mäh says:

    not all dogs have the same roots being the wolves. Some breeds have coyote
    blood. Small difference, but its one.

  22. Raul Tiffer says:

    I personally love schnauzers! 

  23. Catatafish says:

    I’ve read things about how our breeding has led to a myriad of problems in
    many different types of dogs. I’m really curious as to why dogs seem to
    have devolved with our intervention. Is it just that we selected the wrong
    things to breed and that this has led to the issues?

  24. Canis familiaris says:

    such a great documentary :D 

  25. sadsam663 says:

    I like dogs

  26. TheRayo831 says:

    I love my dog woodie he’s my best friend 

  27. brian paquin says:

    11:05 alt-j!

  28. The Z95headhunter says:

    I hate Japanese people because they eat dogs

  29. Roger Stenning says:

    Surprised they failed to mention the hip dysplasia found in German Shepherd
    Dogs; GSDs suffer horribly from it as a result of the selective breeding
    that brought the breed into existence in the first place. There’s ongoing
    work to minimise the problem, but it’ll take time, unfortunately.

  30. schradeya says:

    Does anyone know any further info on the bulldog breeder at about 45:00 ?
    It sounded like his name was Derek Mollott or something similar, but I
    can’t find anything searching. I’d love to see more of his work; his dog
    (Boson?) is absolutely beautiful and healthy but still clearly a bulldog.

  31. Brooke Joy says:

    I have a caviler king Charles spaneil

  32. indonesiarayas2 says:

    i’m not for modern breeds… i’m more for the old feral one… they too are
    a good companion, with a little bit wild side…

  33. MsPonyChick says:

    I have just one question. Why did they choose such an ugly lady (I’m
    talking about redhead) to run the documentary? She’s not even somehow
    extremely good… Is she a part of director’s family or what? o.O

  34. Anastasiya Kras says:

    Siberian husky is my favorite breed<3 

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