What makes science tick

What makes science tick
It was the Swiss-born Dr. Burgdorfer whose work dissecting ticks led, some 30 years ago, to the discovery that spirochetes were the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease, which had arisen some 10 years previously in southern Connecticut, and now is …
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Ticks carrying Lyme disease bacteria found in Rouge Valley
Health officials are advising the public to reduce the risk of getting bitten and infected by taking precautions, including: wearing long-sleeves, long pants, socks and closed shoes; tucking pant legs into socks, and wearing light-coloured clothing to
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Relax! WhatsApp to add blue tick on/off option in next update
However, a report on SoftPedia states that WhatsApp has finally (possibly) acknowledged the issue and will release a new update which has the option to keep the blue tick feedback on or off. At present, according to the report, one of the beta testers
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