watch: Dog interrupts live weather report at Miami TV station

King, a one-year-old American bulldog mix, made his television debut a few minutes early at a Miami TV station when he interrupted a weather report catching meteorologist Ryan Phillips off-guard….
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Justin Bieber allegedly abandons his dog Karma. His dad is also accused of abusing the dog. Subscribe! Starring Chloe Melas Produced & Directed by @ginoorlandini…

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50 Responses to watch: Dog interrupts live weather report at Miami TV station

  1. Jim Philips says:

    Pit bulls continue their campaign to show the world they can be lovable.

  2. Geoffrey Fortier says:

    Vicious pit bull attacks newscaster. 

  3. Tomu Sentou says:

    That tail, King was a happy boy just being around people he’s a very cute
    bulldog too.

  4. Dylan burns says:

    I want that dog to lick peanut butter off my balls

  5. Jon Goodhue says:

    And these sweethearts are being banned in certain states, smfh

  6. dmyst9 says:

    It would have been funnier had the dog jumped up and shit all over him
    and the news desk

  7. IGotItLikeThat says:

    Hot weatherman + Cute dog = Awesome video

  8. Zhonguoria says:

    Look at his tail wag… a mile a minute. :)
    Yes, a great plug for lovable pit bulls!

  9. J Merry says:

    Viciously cute Pitty attacks weatherman with ♥♥ LURV ♥♥

  10. Jindra Jihala says:

    S přehledem zvládl americký moderátor počasí Ryan Phillips situaci, kdy mu
    jeho vysílání nečekaně narušil roční kříženec amerického buldoka jménem
    King, který se měl v přenosu objevit až o pár minut později. Phillips psa
    uvedl a poté dokončil své vystoupení, jako kdyby se nic nestalo.
    Pes se měl objevit ve vysílání stanice NBC Miami jako „Zvíře týdne“, což mu
    mělo zvýšit šance na adopci. Netrpělivý King ale na svůj televizní debut
    nechtěl čekat a vetřel se už do počasí.

  11. mechanesthesia says:


  12. KurashiDragon says:

    “Is that gonna be on Youtube later?”

    ……… maybe >.> <.<

  13. KingBongHogger says:

    Awww perfect example of what pitbulls are normally like. All those people
    who think pitbulls are monsters should watch this video!

  14. fata muijna says:

    cuteness lvl 100

  15. Predator says:

    Of course it will be on YouTube later

  16. I get shy when I sit in the Cosco table section. says:

    Blur the balls please. There’s children watching.

  17. MrSleeps says:

    yes it is going to be on YT lol

  18. SunnasChariot says:

    Such a happy doggie! i hope he finds his forever home! <3

  19. Stéphane Cristiano Arroyo says:
  20. 俞曉瑜 says:

    Yes it is.

  21. Roan Eve says:

    he was just so chill during the whole event, didn’t even flinch. this guy’s
    cool. :) )

  22. natalie horan says:

    and beliebers wonder why we hate their idol…….

  23. williams cases says:

    who cares is just a dog

  24. blanca carrion says:

    That is so mess up why would he do that I have a dog and I sure don’t treat
    him like that why does the puppy get the blame the dog didn’t do anything
    that is so mess up I wish I could slap just into reality what he is doing
    is so MESS UP :’( 

  25. Hannah Cortez says:


  26. nyall hughes says:

    When you take it upon yourself to adopt an animal, you are taking on the
    responsibility equal to that of taking care of a child. Now, these dogs did
    not ask to be domesticated, taken from the wild, and used as pets but they
    have been. I have two puppies of my own and I love them dearly so I don’t
    necessarily mind this. However, when you decide to adopt one of these
    animals, you are realising hey, we took these guys out of their natural
    home and permanently domesticated their species, so I’d better take good
    care of it. This dog has bitten a human. There are many aspects to consider
    i.e. was the child antagonizing it, did he hurt the dog? If so, then it
    isn’t the dogs fault. If it was, there are many alternatives that should be
    taken, being thrown off the balcony is surely not one of them. Treat
    animals with respect. If I was the government, I would treat all these
    abusers, animal or human, and treat them like they treated their victims. 

  27. ImMayrarose says:

    lol all these comments defending justin.. seems to me like all the
    beliebers always find excuses for justin. you guys never want to believe
    the media but you do when its something about someone you dont like. btw im
    a justin fan but sometimes stuff he does makes me like him a bit less..
    call me a fake belieber idc.

  28. lisad92 says:

    i doubt Jeremy would even throw a dog over a second story house balcony
    just because i accidentally bit jaxon. Jeremy love dogs just as much as
    Justin does. i don’t think Justin would abandon his own dog. in videos
    prove that karma is doing good with Jeremy at his house. if you really
    don’t see Jeremy was there when Justin got the dog. so maybe he was
    getting the dog with his dad. i bet y’all forgot that Justin has had
    another dog Sammy and Sammy is still living with his grand parents because
    Sammy couldn’t fly to the states to live with Justin. Justin did give his
    hamster away to a fan and that fan took good care of that hamster til it
    passed away. Justin just wouldn’t have given that hamster away if he didn’t
    think it wouldn’t go to a good home. yes he did leave his monkey but you
    guys gotta think maybe he gave the rights up for that monkey because he
    might have thought it would be best for the monkey to live in a zoo. y’all
    think Justin is a bad pet owner. NO IM NOT JUST SAYING ALL THIS BECAUSE I
    AM A BIG FAN OF HIS. no im just look at other parts of the story that you
    guys can’t seem to look through. im looking in between the lines. 

  29. Emily Peters says:

    I really don’t see justin doing that, and second its a damn dog, lets not
    be so dramatic about this.

  30. Annette R says:

    Justin has alway been a jerk i hate him

  31. ohsnapitslove says:

    Your makeup is on point

  32. LPS KittyTv says:

    How dare this living piece of crap, he’s such an animal abuser!! ;,(

  33. Michael Brown says:

    no one likes biever srr beber he is just a pile of sh*t i love dogs so much
    that i could punsh beber in the face btw i have a dog (jack russel)

  34. DivaRemy says:

    unsubscribe. i didnt realise this was another trash mag, tmz.v.2

  35. Slayer Becky says:

    Damn now I feel bad for Justin Bieber why can’t they give the guy a break
    everyday different rumors….wow Yall put him in your shoes how would you

  36. Foram Patel says:

    justin is shameless like his dad putting on fake dicks on their ass

  37. LadieBrooks says:

    Uh okay, so I vote we throw both justin bieber and his absent until fame
    father out of a two story window and just hope for the worse.

    Anybody? Okay!

  38. Katelyn Flores says:

    Karma is Jeremy’s dog, not Justin’s 

  39. Meche Watson says:

    Some one always wants to say something bad about someone else just to get
    fame and popularity and saying things about Justin can most likely do that
    #Belieber (I’m not talking about “hollywood life just people in general)

  40. Minna Nash says:

    Some people should not have animals. Poor karma:(

  41. ShannR414 says:

    Besides he left it with someone who is taking care of it. He’s busy. This
    is dumb.

  42. Bratayley Forever says:

    Why the heck did he abandon an adorable dog like that or his crazy father
    going to accuse of hurting the dog or throwing it out the balcony! People
    these days need to stay behind bars

  43. Naomi Kanda says:

    Yeah right why should I believe this after they said kendall and selena
    were friends all along but selena has always hated her all along. You guys
    seem to always want to make the best people look bad like what about that
    time you guys accused justin of abusing his pet monkey ??? like come on

  44. Eliah Ybarra says:

    How can someone do that to a dog, you couldn’t have a heart if you did that
    to a dog and his dad for real throwing it off of a balcony

  45. Haydee Jasso says:

    Why would jb do that like wth for the dog it’s like if jb is his father and
    treats him like that if jb is reading well let me say if you were a dog and
    your owner treated you like that you would hate that it’s the same thing
    how Selena dumped you for good . Animal abuse don’t ever treat a animal
    like that understood it like how Selena is your owner and your her dog and
    she abanded you ( dumped ) you you didn’t like that hu well I hope she
    doesn’t go back you you you don’t deserve a good lady like her and YOU

  46. Ashe Suky says:

    What the heck ?!animal abuse?why Justin bieber and your stupid Dad

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