Incredible Jam [John Frusciante-Flea-Omar Rodriguez Lopez-Michael Rother-Chad]

RHCP best jam ever. In Hamburg. Long long long MAGNIFICO.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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25 Responses to Incredible Jam [John Frusciante-Flea-Omar Rodriguez Lopez-Michael Rother-Chad]

  1. Mario Venkman says:

    “Incredible jam”. The title couldn’t be more accurate.

  2. Jvbeltra9 says:


  3. cuassolo16 says:


  4. Jacob L says:

    When flea and John play together magic is produced… 

  5. Drewlsy says:

    Anthony, shut up pleeeease. Sit back and chill or just leave the stage. 

  6. Andre Anhuth says:

    I used to live 500m away from Michael Rother in a little village called
    Bevern (exactly Domäne Forst, which was part of Bevern, and basically a few
    houses^^) untill 2003. :) 

  7. John Kouv says:

    …so so so great.
    This is RHCP <3

  8. earwicker02 says:

    josh klingelhoffer is in there playing some dot hackerstuff too. singing
    from 6 minutes to 11 min

  9. BigBad Bryant says:

    John just has such a distinct sound. It’s crazy how him and flea can just
    come up with such amazing music on the fly.

  10. BigBad Bryant says:

    Boy am I glad that I found this

  11. Dayton Abbott says:

    oh god. i love this shit. i love this shit so much. i fucking love it. i
    love it i love it i love it.

  12. Adri González says:

    A lot of feelings in this jam…

  13. Frusciante4ever77 says:

    from when is this? 01.07.2007? ;) 

  14. JustineDulhauste says:

    Around 3:00 : end of Nothing to Lose … +TheTripleTrip Red Hot Chili
    Peppers – Nothing To Lose – B-Side [HD]

  15. m4rtin77 says:

    Does anybody has video ?

  16. Ariana Tavera Vargas says:

    “You can leave if you want, we’re just going to play all night so…”

  17. drugstorerecords says:

    fuck…. yes.

  18. gábor horváth says:

    Thank you so much…..

  19. Henrik Kegyes says:

    Pscyhedelic beautiful it’s a real art ! Thank you guys .

  20. Rafael Mantram says:

    A música é um Ser, uma matéria, um Estado e estado… de espírito!
    Independe de todos, até mesmo dos músicos que (incrivelmente) apenas a
    Está solta no ar, apenas esperando que músicos (sintonizados na mesma
    frequência) sintam e nos passem a mesma energia que lhes é passada!
    Minha religião, a música!

  21. redhotchilipepper432 says:

    hahahaha 26:10 !!!

  22. gkbhai says:

    unfuckingbelievable stuff! thank you so much for this!

  23. TheTripleTrip says:

    Who sings in here!? Sometimes looks like Anthony…but sometimes not! Damn!
    Everything is on place here! DAMMIT! 46 minutes of pureness and delight!

  24. redhotchilipepper432 says:

    cuassolo, at 26:10 he says “you can leave if you want but we’re just going
    to play all night”

  25. Peter Alberts says:

    do you have sikamikaniko-> this jam?

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