Pokemon – Mite Mite Kochichi

LA chanson de Meloetta, le Hit de l’année, Mite Mite Kochichi. Cette musique est celle de l’ending de la dernière saison de Pokémon au Japon !
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Mighty Mite Pickup Shootout Vol 1 We take 4 pickups recorded flat, Epiphone stock bridge, Bluebucker, Motherbucker and end with a Duncan JB all in the same g…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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29 Responses to Pokemon – Mite Mite Kochichi

  1. Jose Cavazos says:

    Is there any way to download this song on my phone

  2. matt0044 says:

    But the dub for the Meloetta short hasn’t be released… And I mean as an
    insert song and not as an ending sequence theme song tacked on the end of
    an episode.

  3. CalianSonadora says:

    They should put this in those Just Dance games.

  4. Tony Verrico says:

    Awww this song is soooooooooo cute

  5. XaniRomStation says:

    c’est un pur bonheur d’écouter cette musique et en même temps de pouvoir
    admirer la danse de meloetta !

  6. esperiana says:

    C’est mignon x)

  7. victini the best says:

    dv ascoltarla almeno 10 volte al giorno…:Q___________________,nn riesco a
    starne senza

  8. XaniRomStation says:

    je ne suis pas d’accord avec toi car meloetta forme pirouette danse d’une
    facon élégante et magnifique ! surtout 0:32 min, sa position montre sa
    beauté face à d’autres pokémons ! L’expert des pokémons, XaniRomstation

  9. I Only Cry Freestyle says:

    *^^^^* <3 <3

  10. Terras1 says:

    Needs subs. lol

  11. Pikachu59290 says:

    je suis du même avis

  12. Lolita Bournac says:

    Je suis tout à fait d’accord! *^*

  13. james barclay says:

    I can not believe how oshawatt reacts to meloetta

  14. KiriyaWave says:

    Hey look, my please stand by clip :P

  15. notgeorgemiller says:

    this song makes me wanna BOOGIE down

  16. Maqqa quevedo says:


  17. LPSAreFurEver says:

    And thus Meloetta was born….

  18. ShoeUnited says:

    /v/ sent me here. I don’t even like pokemon. That thing’s legs looks like
    someone’s fingers. Especially when it bends at the presumable knee. The
    ‘legs’ bend inwards. Weird.

  19. robotnikkkk06 says:


  20. Michele Attrux says:

    meda coune …bata assi bata assi..SO HARD TO FOLLOW I MEAN A SPANISH SONG

  21. Ainel chin says:

    me gusta demasiado como para que no ponga un like I like too much to not
    put a like

  22. Sakura Haruno says:

    Where’s oshawott when you need him

  23. HeinsBlackhole says:

    La musique est vraiment bien.

  24. zeldaeevee says:

    i sense a new meme

  25. 9unslin9er says:

    As soon as the JB bit went in, my brain went…”Megadeth”

    I love your pickups, and the value, but I noticed you don’t offer an
    F-spaced/53mm pole spacing. Which…I need for most of my guitars.

  26. Nomad Ronin says:

    Don’t know if it’s me or the recording, but I don’t notice a lot of tone
    variation between the Mighty Mite pickups. I notice a definite gain
    difference (increase) with the Motherbucker. I also notice a tone
    difference between the Mighty Mites and the JB. Not better or worse, just

  27. Mighty Mite says:

    While I was recording this I noticed the same thing. The bigger difference
    was going from the stock pickup to the others, the stock pickup felt kind
    of dead while playing the same riff

  28. Mighty Mite USA says:

    Add a message to your video

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