Dogs Get Massages For The First Time

Doggy bliss. Featuring: Pam Holt For more information on how to become an animal massage therapist: …
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25 Responses to Dogs Get Massages For The First Time

  1. A Wooden Bowl says:

    I think Bond would love this. 

  2. Immajeanyus says:

    To be completely honest, I’m jealous.

  3. Andrea Rivera says:

    Can I have this job? Please?

  4. Keri Nyx says:

    Wish this was my job…
    I like dogs way more than people. <3


    That touching does look a bit strange, do you enjoy touching dogs like
    that? Just kidding. But still, even if I had a dog, I would never waste
    money to have the dog massaged. Who gives a shit about dog massage? I’d
    rather spend the money on something better (e.g. treating myself to a new
    video game if you know what I mean).

  6. NellyBell says:

    She pets dogs for a living 

  7. hena1937 says:

    I had a dog that had heat on his back. That is inflammation from a sore
    muscle. I massaged it on each side. The heat went away. The look of
    appreciation on his face was obvious. Our relationship changed after that.
    He knew I had helped him. It was a very neat experience. 

  8. Luffy ThePirateKing says:

    God dammit Pesto you’re ruining the shot…

  9. Jeannie Weasly says:

    that sounds like the best job ever. You get to give dogs love all day long

  10. Ken Kaniff says:

    How do you know it’s their first time? Huh? Huh?!? Prove it, or unsub.

  11. steelpoo steel says:

    I’m so fucking honoured. Thanks buzz feed for giving me the opportunity To
    become first.

  12. Kevin McShane says:

    I’m Roxy’s owner. She’s totally spoiled now.

  13. MrTechgeeknerd says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this is a waste of time?

  14. Russell Miller says:


  15. PhantomBear says:

    There was a dog’s vagina 

  16. YeshMC says:

    Thank you for the massage.

  17. PJemus says:

    only in america does stupid shit like this happen…

  18. ElvenTokyo says:

    Can we stop calling ourselves our pets “owners”? Lol I don’t own my friends
    and family! My dog isn’t my property and I’m not his master. He’s my friend
    and companion and I’m his :) he’s my dog and I’m his human. 

  19. Martin R says:

    imagine that with a cat… lifes would be lost.

  20. Alissa Bonnett says:

    Why? I don’t have a problem with animals or anything, but I barely believe
    humans deserve massages, never mind dogs!
    I feel like I watched some sort of fucked up pornography video

  21. hatboxful says:

    I wish my dog was still alive to get one of these massages :( 

  22. Various Virals says:


  23. nicole corona says:

    Bitch gets to pet dogs for a living? What am I doing with my life??

  24. Annette S says:

    Is Emma Eugene’s dog?

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