03 Tick Tock (Shadows Part 2) – Hans Zimmer – Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows Score

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to 03 Tick Tock (Shadows Part 2) – Hans Zimmer – Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows Score

  1. TronPowerNode says:

    Not to be “that guy”, and I love this soundtrack to death, but this track
    is a clear rip-off of the Polar Express’s main track from 2:40 on.

  2. Max Horowitz says:

    i swear the cellos at 5:00 doing those triplets are a stroke of genius
    unlike i’ve ever heard

  3. Moses Browning says:

    I just love that Mauser C96 he is holding; someday I hope to buy a real one
    but until then I will buy a metal airsoft replica and polish it down to be
    nice and shiny, then buy a holster/stock as well as wooden grips. It’s
    quite the fun project :) 

  4. UmadBRO1999 says:

    I love 2:47 onwards… it just reminds me of late Imperialism and
    Industrialism for some reason. I picture huge trains made of black steel
    ornamented with gold on the sides with silk interiors passing through the
    soot engulfed slums with towering factories barley visible in the distance
    because of the smog; towards a gigantic palace in the old district of town
    with golden gates, doormen and guards holding rifles with bayonets and
    sabres strapped to their side, always cautiously glancing, afraid of the
    ominous aura that has engulfed the city like the smoke from the factories.
    The rich are oblivious to everything as they walk in through the golden

  5. Rishabh G says:

    from 4:57 is the best part

  6. Luchian Rares says:

    2.47 ♡♡♡

  7. Nicolas Simon says:

    2:50 <3

  8. Doctor Duck says:

    “Your clock is ticking. Would you like me to recommend your next move?” –
    James Moriarty.

  9. Alexis velazquez gtz. says:

    I hate this song.

  10. FrankC00l says:

    Aha! Found it :D iTunes’ samples are too short to tell what song it is

  11. madamerouge333 says:

    “Hunger is the weapon” seems like the closest to me. I misunderstood when
    you posted that. Sorry

  12. Aleksandr Lukyanov says:

    @qwistie21 too bad it just seems to leave you hanging at the end, the next
    song doesn’t finish off the epicness

  13. CroweDharmaReloaded says:

    2:47 !!! You’re welcome!

  14. cavedog962 says:

    Oh… I see what you did there… XD

  15. ThisIsMyLife says:

    I love the music! It just makes everything sound more eerie and awesome,
    and I can’t help but feel good! It’s like a Sherlock sugar rush! I’m
    already obsessed with the TV series! XD xx

  16. Gato Negro says:

    Tell me, Ms Adler: did you think something could happen to you? Is this why
    you arranged to meet in a public space… your favourite Website?

  17. SquigglyBop says:

    Remarkably bland name for a movie that could be so much cooler.

  18. Goldbearddeluxe says:

    Hans Zimmer was born in September 12, 1957 :P

  19. Carina Kelson says:

    Zimmer’s music seriously gets better every movie.

  20. Andy240p says:

    I just wonder that when does the next Sherlock Holmes come to the
    theaters… And what is it about.

  21. sasusakuca89 says:

    Sherlock: Makes presence known. Dog: *WTF?* Sherlock: *gives look* Dog:

  22. Starlightseas723 says:

    Hans Zimmer is a genius that can’t be beat.

  23. followthatlight says:

    Listening to this in my room in the pitch black always helps me to ease
    some of the day’s aggravation. Such a brilliant piece of music!!!

  24. madamerouge333 says:

    Lets not forget black hawk down!

  25. Kairu Hakubi says:

    oh lordy, those personal ads
    those were completely hilarious

  26. Sect Zed says:

    Happy Movember, not doing it this year but kudos to those who are.

    The Tick S03E01 That Mustache Feeling

  27. TheTruth61989 says:

    both eyes=not a special agent

  28. Mike Parten says:

    Anyone know who voices the tick?

  29. James Roberts says:

    …right to the song

  30. Redneck Heavy says:

    Why does Jim Rage have an eyepatch even that both eyes works perfectly

  31. Jordan Spieth says:

    14:07 to 14:12
    Good one Jim! 

  32. TheGrungeGamer2 says:

    And some of the stuff I’ve read seems like it’s wasn’t aimed towards kids.
    How they got away with it? That’s a mystery.

  33. kralalrulz says:

    its the symbiote in mustache form

  34. RahnBorshko says:

    The heavens will condemn us for what we’ve wrought here today.

  35. GoblinXXX says:

    Pretty sure they’ve got a website.

  36. puppydog8200 says:

    very lonelyly please love me sounds like something i would say

  37. Redlin5 says:

    Taft? TAFT! :D I LOVE TAFT!

  38. pimpnmikedavis says:

    The ladies of SHAVE lol, Ive seen that magizine!

  39. IronJuggernaught says:

    I didn’t know what guys with mustaches went through…

  40. dogzilla0578 says:

    Thats why I shave almost daily

  41. Nick Bradshaw says:

    feed those kitties

  42. RockManLP says:

    ROFLMAO! Best episode yet! So awesome :)

  43. Richard Whitechest says:

    It was Spanish, dammit.

  44. WigginsPete says:

    5:21 Censors fail!

  45. krudmonger says:

    Brad Garrett (from Everybody Loves Raymond) was the voice of Jim Rage. True

  46. darkstar seed says:

    hahaha the hittler mustache

  47. Jordan Quigley says:

    The Song is Feeling good ;)

  48. BoukenComics says:

    LMAO holy shit

  49. Sun-Wukong says:

    Also a typo: “LONELYLY”.

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