tick tock Uncensored

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http://waysandhow.com/video-how-to-remove-a-tick-from-a-dog Along with fleas, ticks can make a dog’s life very miserable. Ticks are actually small parasites …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to tick tock Uncensored

  1. Damone Sims says:

    Why the last dude sound like Stinkmeaner from Boondocks.

  2. KandTony Johnson says:

    ima a wet dream, dry sense ah humor travel in class like ah high school
    rumor ! geeez

  3. john cassell says:

    I never got into raekwon much (killa sin is by waaaaaaay far the most
    beastly member of the collective) but yes this mf just rapped about a tuna
    salad and made it sound good! lol, my hat is off

  4. strictlyformyninja says:

    Finally the uncensored version! Good shit!

  5. C. W. says:

    Totally recommend the remover.. It is very cheap.I got mine at walmart, in
    the camping dept. Its cheap and makes removal easy and no risk of damaging
    the tick.. I have always gotten the whole tick out with this tool.

  6. Vukasin Vujkov says:

    u should never use alcohol it will make the tick vomit

  7. Petco says:

    Great video! check out our new Petco How-to Ticks playlist!

  8. t_naahh says:

    What about burning the tick on your dog

  9. Henry Schein Animal Health says:

    Help your clients know the best way to remove ticks from dogs!

  10. Animal Clinic of Buena says:

    Help your clients know the best way to remove ticks from dogs!

  11. ihateusernames says:

    What in the world…

  12. countrylifer says:

    Better still buy a tick collar, last 3/4 months costs about $8. Use them on
    my springers and the collar works a treat.

  13. rubenmercado61 says:

    Mine has it in the bottom of his paw

  14. DDMincraftMaxKate7 says:

    My dog had a tick on her that sucked so much blood it was as big as my
    thumbprint.I didn’t notice it until she first came in the house.

  15. John Byler says:

    i just got 10 ticks from my dog

  16. AshtonFY says:

    couldn’t you also use salt? my friend got a tick behind it’s ear, and they
    put salt on it and it came out.

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