Tick Tock Challenge | Annie the Gymnast | Gymnastics Tips | Acroanna

This week Annie takes on the tick tock challenge then gives you some tips on how to make your tick tock look better. With special guest, Hayley, (Annie’s lit…

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25 Responses to Tick Tock Challenge | Annie the Gymnast | Gymnastics Tips | Acroanna

  1. Chloe Kendall says:

    I got 0 lol I’m so bad at gymnastics!

  2. Lauren Talbot says:

    I do one and then fall over :( 

  3. Sdr Zubaidi says:

    I want to learn how to do a tik tok and a handstand 

  4. Sam Ler says:

    im way beter then her

  5. kristina kennedy says:

    she did 42 

  6. Kk Sundy says:

    I did 20

  7. codycodecode says:

    I can’t even do this challenge cause I handstand w/ my right leg and kick
    over w/ my left

  8. Natalie WrightTV says:

    37……whoooo that was hard

  9. Syleste Cooks says:


  10. Hannah Hanley says:

    I got 21

  11. Courtney K says:

    ye all might think i am crazy but !! annie is a leo the same as a swimsuit?
    lol please comment 

  12. Gabby Gerdes says:

    Haley you are a good gymnastics girl I been oneing to go on team but my mom
    said it is to expensive but I am 8 and when I am 9 or 10 

  13. Lily Mayneord says:

    I did 53. You are so good Annie!

  14. Boyd Mckinley says:

    I am in a pro level andi got 93

  15. Anisha Sodhi says:

    I can do this but I can’t do it fast

  16. Ivan Esparza says:

    U will get it Haley just keep on trying that is what im doing

  17. Samaria elbadri says:

    i got 50!!!!

  18. Andre Hall says:

    She is very good and very talented and she isn’t that bad for a gymnastics
    girl because I am in gymnastics and cheerleading and ill give her 95
    percent but I’m a 100 percent girl but she do good girls that I know who is
    in gymnastics isn’t as good as her so nice going 

  19. trinity santos says:

    at 1;00pm

  20. Foreversporty123 says:

    I can only do 40 that is REALLY SAD for me 

  21. Kaleigha Grant says:

    Annie I counted 44

  22. Mila Zaprianova says:


  23. Amanda Lamarche says:

    I got 16

  24. Jessica Braganca says:


  25. Desire Sherman says:

    you are amazing at what you do i am a gymnast to and I’m 11 and your really
    good !!!

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