Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Bubby and Bean!

Happy Halloween! Halloweens that fall on Fridays (or Saturdays) are the best, aren’t they? Although Essley and I are a little sad not to get to be with daddy on her first one (the band is playing in Boston this year, which was just too far), we are very excited to be here in Indianapolis, celebrating with her Auntie Morgan. My little sister, since I can remember, has been absolutely smitten with Halloween. Her decorations are always incredible, as is her costuming. And she’s going all out for us, with everything from pumpkin carving to Halloween movies to sugary treats. I’m dressing up as a witch (which is admittedly the least effort I’ve ever put into my costume, but hey) and Essley is going to be my little black cat. I made her costume and promise to annoy those of you who follow me on Instagram later today with at least slightly excessive picture sharing. We’re also taking Essley trick-or-treating with Morgan’s neighbors, and yes, we will be eating her candy. Just being honest, guys.

For those of you celebrating, have a wonderfully sweet + spooky Halloween!  And have a great weekend too.


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