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white dog sleeping on pavement

Image by
This free picture of the white dog sleeping on the streets was created for my lovely friend Other friends can use it for free too.

The contrasting color between the red ceramic pavement and the grey stairs is well contrasted by the white dog.

As I was walking along a lonely quiet street, I stumbled across a white sleeping dog on this red ceramic pavement. The leash seemed to have restricted its freedom to roam the streets like I do. Here, in my photo I wish to unleash its tranquil beauty.

This creative picture was created for

Q: Is This Dog Cute or What?

Image by dnaomileibowitz
Obviously, I’m biased. Even though he’s a little rough around the edges, to me he is the cutest dog in the world.

Bernadette Peters & Dog

Image by Boss Tweed
Bernadette Peters & Dog at a benefit for Broadway Barks at Shubert Alley. Note the cast on the dogs leg.

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