Puh-Lice and Thank You

You sent in some hilarious police reports, and Ellen is sharing her favorites in her segment, “Oh Puh-Lice!”

It’s easy to get rid of lice safely. It will take you about an hour over two weeks time. Here is how we did it: 1. Put gin in a squirt bottle to make it easi…

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49 Responses to Puh-Lice and Thank You

  1. CloudofLightning says:

    I’m still laughing about the last one.

  2. Tabi Cat says:

    Omg! the last one happened to one of my grandma’s friends

  3. lola matinez says:

    Intoxicated woman who lived in ‘High Street’ lol! oh the irony. 

  4. Little Princess says:

    The last one omg omg can’t stop laughing !!!! Lol

  5. Helen Grey says:


  6. btrpewdstw Tiplu says:

    I love Ellen

  7. Darkshadowkiss says:

    Okay how do you forget that your bro is sleeping ????????? (EPIC FAIL)

  8. crushcrushfaint90 says:

    intoxicated means she was drunk. =)

  9. engrish2006 says:

    Knock on wood!

  10. Mayon Paraiso says:


  11. Rachel Liu says:

    But didn’t they say that the CALLER was highly intoxicated?

  12. Joseph Jessi says:


  13. hippolyte90 says:

    only Ellen make me laugh out loud!

  14. laura vasquez says:

    lmao thats funny

  15. crushcrushfaint90 says:

    We all get them.

  16. RainyDay10000000 says:

    The advertisement for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

  17. anaalkanaal666 says:


  18. Jessikah Thewantedfan says:

    HAHA Once we had one it our paper about somebody reporting there SNOWMAN
    Being stolen i Said to my mum ‘Is She Sure it didn’t melt?”

  19. TheDoOvile says:

    hahahahaha…. :D The last one killed me

  20. Alena669 says:

    I love Ellen’s comments :)

  21. Shoen says:


  22. mona maz says:

    hey it’s funny i agree but not that much.

  23. MegaMvlogs says:

    Thats funny because i live in Calgary!

  24. Ponynanners says:

    Sometimes I think that the police just publish these reports so they can
    get on the Ellen show. at the police station: Hey guys, guys look my report
    made ion the Ellen show!

  25. Longs81 says:

    Using alcohol was the traditional method for killing lice and the eggs.
    Alcohol is highly toxic to arachnids and insects.

  26. Chipp Marshal says:

    I HATE the fact that people use toxic medications on their children’s
    heads. It’s nice to see someone spreading this message.

  27. Beau San Nicolas says:

    I tried this method today. It worked 100% the shower cap had a few dead
    lice in it. I put coconut oil in after and left it in overnight just in

  28. Yvette Medina says:

    Can it still work well with long curly hair and how can u tell if u have
    because these past few days my heads been itching and I think I found one
    lice in my hair

  29. Jonathan Blake says:

    Ok i got it all done. What should i do with the rest of the Gin? Should I
    drink the rest?

  30. william catalan says:

    Just shave ur head

  31. Mikmik Heiven says:

    hey Fred P. do we need to wash our hair after leaving it for 2 hours and do
    the treatment again in all over 4hours? pls answer me hoping for ur
    responce. thanks

  32. Jennifer Allen says:

    Contrary to what you report, tee tree oil does work. You did not apply
    often enough. You are supposed to add it to their shampoo and wash their
    hair with it every day for a week or 2 while combing out the nits everyday.
    You should also change sheets daily. Just combing something into someone’s
    hair will never get rid of lice. This will only help prevent an infestation
    but not guarantee that. I know quite a few people who rid their house of an
    infestation and never got it again. 

  33. Courtney Barrett says:

    I’d just shave their head

  34. Sarah Riddle says:

    I’ve never had lice.. How do people get it?

  35. Yeany Diaz says:

    Can lice make you blad?

  36. Lolafabiola85 says:

    What about using distilled vinegar?

  37. phelicity ambrose says:

    share this video

  38. Miss.Juniper says:

    Dimethicone is hands down, the best remedy I’ve ever found & I have tried
    EVERYTHING. It’s gentle(actually conditions the hair), non-toxic & has no
    scent… Which is nice because you can leave it on as long as you want &
    use as often as needed.
    This stuff is amazing. It smothers the live critters & dissolves the “glue”
    that bonds nits to the hair. In addition, it makes everything so slippery
    that you can comb all of the bugs/nits out quickly & painlessly. There is a
    product called “Lice MD” that’s pure dimethicone. It comes with a plastic
    comb thats pretty good although I think a comb w/long, metal teeth works
    best for long hair?
    To keep lice at bay, a $25 “RobiComb” zapper is a great investment. These
    things ROCK. I cannot understand why all schools, camps, etc don’t have
    these on hand?! They detect & kill bugs instantly, just wipe w/isopropyl
    alcohol between uses.
    Its also pretty satisfying to hear the little bastards fry. ;) 

  39. Yeany Diaz says:

    Can lice make you blad?


    I have lice help

  41. Snippykittygirl1552 . says:

    I just got treatment on today Easter first i got a kit did that and then
    vinegar which stung alot!!! Now I am watching this video with a bag of
    manonas on my head going to get gin

  42. cindy fuerte says:

    what the fuck 

  43. Annastasia says:

    Sippin’ on gin and juice laid back with my mind on my money and my money on
    my mind Snoop Dog lol

  44. Dineyza Deleon says:

    Did the gin kill all the nits/eggs & adult lice? 

  45. Xiu Cai says:

    Do u still have lice?

  46. Lindsey Osburn says:

    What else works is using a hair dryer and straightening your hair a lot. My
    sschoolo was going around with lice, and I got nervous so I started doing
    that. Yesterday, I went to my hair stylist and she noticed I used to
    have lice and I told her what I did and she said that all of it was gone
    and what I did was what stopped it!

  47. Dineyza Deleon says:

    Did the gin kill all the nits/eggs & adult lice? 

  48. Debby Muertter says:
  49. NZShells says:

    The alcohol kills the head lice. Not the egg. Repeating the process simple
    waits for the eggs to hatch then kills the head lice again. All remedies
    will do this if you repeat a week apart 3 times in a row. If you are going
    to be this diligent use simple hair shampoo, conditioner, a towel and a
    metal head lice comb over 4 days then you have a remedy that won’t sting
    your child’s head from the scratch marks they have from itching. Booklet on
    Amazon tells you what to do.

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