Funny dogs playing dead after finger shot – Funny and cute dog compilation

Funny compilation about dogs. They are traind to play dead after a finger shot. Funny and cute. Please like it, share and SUBSCRIBE! More compilations about …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Soldiers Coming Home to Dogs | Dogs Welcome Home Soldiers | Dog Welcoming Home Soldier | Dog Welcoming Owner Home | Dog Welcoming Soldier Home | Dog Welcomes Soldier Home | Dog …

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50 Responses to Funny dogs playing dead after finger shot – Funny and cute dog compilation

  1. JohnWinchester3567 says:

    The husky at 36 in is a ham.

  2. Sam Pucket says:

    This is funny. :-D :-D 

  3. James Ash says:

    2:05 is by far the funniest one.


  4. Szminsky says:

    0:36 and the Oscar goes to…

  5. TheAZyGirl says:

    Great actor haha :D 0:35

  6. DBoss says:

    0:32 Best one :D so dramatic :D 

  7. Gianni Di Girolamo says:

    Owner: bang bang. Are you dead??
    Dog: yes of course and i am shaking my tail 

  8. michael hartman says:

    I like how the husky gave a howl before he went down.

  9. gishena says:

    just wondering…how u train ur dogs to do that lol

  10. Tammy Steenburg says:

    #4 and #5 do it for me lol

  11. Miss.Michela08 says:

    The Husky killed me XDDDDDDD

  12. shreenithaa S says:
  13. Deja Rivera says:

    you dead XD

  14. Jane Doe says:

    0:31 This dog has it down pat!

  15. Sam Bodeau says:

    Some awsome dogs reacting to finger guns So Awsome.

  16. DragonsRose1601 says:

    (bang) Husky: nooooooooooooooooo XD

  17. Planet Urine says:

    This is so adorable!

  18. Elena M. says:


  19. Daniel KHudabashyan says:

    0:31 and 0:36 are the best

  20. Ultramendoza says:

    Very cool and horrible at the same time cuz some of these dogs look
    actually dead.

  21. Laneduejerjkytherj Whittleykgrehrgyiuwyturu says:



  22. Rayarena says:

    That husky [starting at :36 seconds] should win an academy award! LOL!

  23. Ludo Vica says:

    This is cute and I know its meant for fun, but, I dunno, I don’t even want
    to pretend-kill my dog. That’s just me I guess

  24. cher daniels says:

    2:16 :3

  25. jedder says:

    Wow. I didn’t know this was such a big thing.

  26. Wais Al-Biruni says:

    What a crazy world, soldeirs kill innocent children, women and men by
    bombing.but nobody cares, but when they meet their dogs back, everyone is

  27. Adam Borseti says:

    I like how the first dog took a minute as if to say “Where the fuck have
    you been!? You know I have no concept of time! You could have gone to 7-11
    for 5 minutes or Iraq for 3 years! I DON’T FUCKING KNOW!”

  28. Chris Pappas says:

    54 cats gave this video a thumbs down. 

  29. Able Walmsley says:

    what kind of dog is at 3:30?

  30. Progressed Now says:

    4:30 that dog is so happy, it’s tap dancing lol

  31. emma thrash says:

    You know, my favorite part of the video are the guys. Such a change of pace
    from how men are typically portrayed in the media. So heartwarming to see
    how happy both dog and the owner are.

  32. Tj Peterson says:

    I love it is the new one or any more than the new one more information that
    is not the other than a few weeks

  33. Mercèdesse F.Bédard says:

    I’m really not familiar with the US army. Does the uniform’s color linked
    to the grade of the soldier? Lovely video!

  34. Isa Alcala says:

    Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home 2014 Part 2 [NEW HD]:

  35. DelBoy says:

    Dogs are purest love on planet

  36. Aaron Ball says:

    This is why dogs are a mans best friend! :) 

  37. Joey Fisher says:

    i feel awful for all the dogs who never got to see their mama or papa
    again, RIP brave soldiers

  38. Anjounet Leavell says:

    What song is playing at 3:30?

  39. Teddy Le says:

    what kind of dog is it at 2:03? Look like a golden retriever but it’s

  40. Victor Monteiro says:

    First hahahaha

  41. Raoul Fleckman says:

    Dog = Love = God

  42. Justin Kalman says:

    The absolute love of pets to goodhearted owners. Love it.

  43. PapomanResurrect says:

    NOW LETS PLAY!!!!!!

  44. HarvLP says:

    3:21 made my cry :’)

  45. nature spirit says:

    this is too precious :) 

  46. zagzigmofucka says:

    And THAT’S why dogs are 100 times better than cats! :) 

  47. Jacobo Malulan says:

    Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. :_) 

  48. MrHyp3rproductions says:

    Thats why dogs are a man’s best friend

  49. Sinon Asada 누군데 says:

    Dogs love u more than them selfs

  50. Dennis Nielsen says:

    my dog react similar, after 25sec. of me being outside to emty my
    letterbox. luv that stupid mud :D 

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