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Sharon Hull: New pest bugging young citrus trees
However, a new pest has appeared in our area, and it is causing some concern among both home gardeners and professional growers, with local garden centers receiving inquiries as gardeners notice distorted young leaves on their plants. Citrus Leafminer …
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New program will provide awards for insect pest research across all U.S. row crops
The committee consists of academics and growers, and provides guidance on integrated pest management, as well as recommendations for areas of basic research on insect resistance and management that would be of interest to growers, the academic …
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How to handle pest control companies on the phone
Over the years, consumers have told CBS 5 News that when they have a pest emergency, especially bees, they often can't get a lot of information from companies over the phone regarding price and time to complete. Not getting at least a rough estimate …
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Work to develop tomato pest control hailed as 'huge financial success'
A three-year partnership to develop integrated pest management for tomato pest Tuta absoluta has been "a huge financial success", the conference was told. Image: Morguefile. The partners are tomato growers R&J Holt and Wight Salads Group (WSG) as …
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