Varroa Mite Counts – Bee Vlog #147 – Aug 15, 2014

Getting some mite counts on 6 of my hives: 3 survivors from last year and 3 new swarms from this year. I’ll be joining other beekeepers in my local community…
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16 Responses to Varroa Mite Counts – Bee Vlog #147 – Aug 15, 2014

  1. ArtisanTony says:

    Can’t wait till spring! I have a lady who has a farm who is allowing me to
    place my hive there. Very excited! Nice video!

  2. Zerkbern says:

    You are rapidly becoming my favorite Bee-Tuber. Thank you for this
    insightful examination!

    I would love to hear more about:
    Non-chemical controls for Varoa. Any?
    What brand/model is that microscope? Features you like/dislike.

    Keep up the awesome work. 

  3. Love2boat92 says:

    That would be such a tedious process. Wow.

  4. Mike Schotte says:

    I’d like to create a few small hives in our backyard but we have lots and
    lots of wild Moonflowers (Datura) so I really didn’t think it would be a
    good idea.

    The are already many wild bees present in the yard that love these large
    white trumpet blooms, but I fear that somewhere there is hive full of
    deadly, hallucinogenic honey… which is a pretty scary thought.

  5. Mike Schotte says:

    Boy, you weren’t kidding. Nice “Fighting Elves” tee shirt! :) 

  6. dan man says:

    How din you get red of the paralysis virus? I have 2 or 3 hives in that

  7. 426 SUPER BEE says:

    Wow you got mites? I haven’t seen a one on my bees or even in the hive.
    What i do have for a problem is SHB ! lots of SHB the Beetle Jailer helps
    on the frames but the bottom broad have about 20 of them, So next year i’am
    going with a screen closed in bottom broad with a oil pan. In the South we
    just have to many ants and small hive beetles, so its a must to look at
    your hives every week here.. Keep the blogs coming We watch them

  8. Cameron MacDonald says:

    I loved the digital microscope! Fantastic video – keep up the great work!

  9. Lance Brumfield says:

    You mentioned that the smaller hives had fewer mites, as would be expected,
    and that there is a threshold for mite treatment. Simply saying that 50
    mites is the threshold for treatment is seemingly useless considering hives
    are of varying size (I know this isn’t you, but an industry guideline), but
    is there a way to normalize the mite count to consider hive size? Say
    number of mites per frame? Thanks! Keep the videos coming!

  10. Robert Loorz says:

    I know you’ve stated before that cell size isn’t something your concerned
    with, but could you provide an idea what size your hives are coming in at.
    I would particularly like to know what you caught swarms are. Any info
    would be very much appreciated.

  11. codeboy823 says:

    Very cool! I’ve done counts before but never quite with this level of
    detail or technology! What kind of value do you think you get by recording
    the mite drop positions? Or is that just an easy way for you to save your
    total counts?

    So, you don’t do any IPM either? I am treatment free myself but I might
    consider doing a sugar shake if the counts were really high.

  12. Adam Weil says:

    Very educational! As someone wanting to get into bee keeping, this video
    (as with most of your videos) was great! Thanks

  13. TheBeeVlog says:

    Taking counts of Varroa mites using a sticky board

  14. Garden & Bees says:

    Good stuff Bill! Thanks

  15. Shawn Keating says:

    Good video as always. Thanks for your time and knowledge!

  16. terry saunders says:


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