How to Treat Flea Bites on Humans

Visit: , For More Information.. How to Treat Flea Bites on Humans: How to treat flea bites on humans — well, in most cas…
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25 Responses to How to Treat Flea Bites on Humans

  1. Nikki Wise says:

    Waste of time, this is stuff I already knew! 

  2. mary says:

    Smoke pot everyday I promise they wont bite you. I finally figured out why
    after bringing in two extremely infested kittens and sleeping with them in
    my bed why I’d never once got bitten.i smoke pot everyday for two months
    prier to getting the kittens. Its strange because they wont even hop on me
    like my blood is poison to them and they know it
    In facts the funny thing is the first night I Got them home they didn’t
    scratch or anything so I’m guessing I could’ve had fleas dormant in my
    carpet but they didn’t like my blood so they all covered the kittens. I
    hate fleas because before I ever smoked pot I seriously would get bitten
    like crazy at my friends house who’s cat also had a flea problem. Might
    sound like bad advise but I’m free from getting bitten even when I hold the

  3. bernard wong says:

    3.44 mins of my life lost watching this videos, 

  4. troyluciano12 says:

    resisting not to scratch it is hard its like staring at a hot naked woman
    in front of you and not doing anything flea bites are so freakin itchy than
    a mosquito bite

  5. TheKendozz says:

    Jtaylor88 you clearly do not have bites because if you did then you’d know
    how bad and painful it is to have flea bites on you I’m trying not to
    scratch my leg right now and you’re saying what a joke..something is wrong
    with you. Mia bikova should back me upon this one because we both have
    fleas. FLEAS SUCK!!!

  6. Mekratrig says:

    For what it’s worth – there’s a device named “Therapic”, just a plastic
    housing with a small DC light bulb in the tip and a 9 volt battery. You
    put the tip on the bite and turn it on for 30 seconds. The theory I heard
    is that the micro heat source directly on the bite ‘cooks’ the bug saliva
    and draws blood to the area to clear the stuff away. No more itch. Seems
    to work for me, and I’ve been getting more & more allergic to flea and
    mosquito bites every year. Your mileage may vary.

  7. Mari Thorn says:

    I haver flea bites on my legs,ankles,four on arms all together and a heck
    of a lot on the ankles. I got rid of the source but the bites still itch.

  8. Mia Bikova says:

    OVER :( 

  9. Mr Apex138 says:

    I have red marks on my forearms but they don’t itch nor do I have any fleas
    in my bedroom because I have a white mattress currently and see none on my
    bed. Could it just be a rash or something?

  10. Brenda Cole says:

    I doubt that soap and water bs works, but resisting to scratch them does
    expedite the healing process. When I was younger and used to scratch them,
    it would take a full week to probably two weeks for them to heal, but when
    I didn’t, it would take 3 days for them to heal. Not disappear all
    together, but to lessen the blemish and irritation. I wish they would all
    just die. DIE DIE DIE, every last fucking one of them. What is their
    purpose for existing ?……

  11. ToBeThea says:

    Does anybody know the name of this song?? Its beautiful…

  12. jtaylorb88 says:

    What a joke! I want my 3 minutes of life back.

  13. jarmelo2006 says:

    Damn what the hell kinda flea did you get bit by….!

  14. TheFleaBites says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. wizgirlify says:

    so all you do is dont scratch it and wash it

  16. bloodvile says:

    I sprayed flea killer twice in my back room plus vacuuming but they still
    persist the bites itch worst them mosquitoes bites I’m thinking about just
    getting that outdoor cutter insect repellent 4 my legs Ouch! Theses sons
    can survive hammer blows like pounding a nail I’m thing of naming them
    steamroller fleas since they could even survive getting run over lol

  17. TheOpticGunsmith says:

    Fuck fuck fleas I wish they are fucking extinct I got dozens of flea bites
    all below ma ankles it looks like iv gt freckles on my feet

  18. isac vue says:

    Oh god my legs look like there etng me alive

  19. DelusionHD says:

    I have fleas all over my bed.

  20. Angelmurffin says:

    I would do a flea bomb but I have to wash everydown who wants to do that
    nobody I have lots of things all close together gosh my feet And ankles so
    ugly looking I just want them to die gosh hate hate hate

  21. Ana Garcia says:

    Applying lemon on the bites stops the itching, just don’t go out in the sun
    with it

  22. isac vue says:

    I have thousands :(

  23. jose alfaro says:

    I hate fleas

  24. barajasveronica53 says:

    I was just trying 2 figure out wat I had been beaten by,I guess it was by
    fleasStupid fucken fleas

  25. alireza alizadeh says:

    just a waste of time watching this!

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