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Civil politics is prevailing in Turkey: The Lice protests and presidential
First of all, eradication of Turkish military stations, even enforced ones, called kalekol, meaning strong castles, has been the basic argument of current protests all over Kurdish populated areas, especially in the Lice sub-province of Diyarbakır
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Tensions in Lice as new Turkish PM Promises to Pursue Kurdish Peace
LICE, Diyarbakir – As Turkey's new government promised to pursue the stalled peace talks with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), tensions with the Kurds remained high in the Diyarbakir town of Lice. Here, the aftermath of protests over the statue of a
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Galápagos hawks hand down lice like family heirlooms, study finds
Studying populations of Galápagos hawks and feather lice that live in their plumage, a group of researchers that included Patricia Parker, the E. Desmond Lee Professor in Zoological Studies and chair of the Department of Biology at the University of …
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