SEC Moves Closer to 5-Cent Tick Test

SEC Moves Closer to 5-Cent Tick Test
The Securities and Exchange Commission late Tuesday unveiled the highly anticipated plan, designed to determine whether trading the stocks of smaller companies in wider "tick sizes," or the difference between what traders bid and offer for the shares, …
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If You Get Bitten By This Tick, Beef Is Not For Dinner
A tiny Texas-themed tick can make you allergic to meat. And one expert says it could be the most common tick in North Texas. Talk about irony: In the land of barbecue and meat lovers, the pest is called the Lone Star tick. One bite can mean no more
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Tick ecology poses many challenges
He is, of course, correct that I have always said “up to” or “more than 90 percent”…not “all” of the adult deer ticks feed on deer. After all, the host range of the tick is wide enough that they do feed on people. However, time and time again
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Tick sizes to change from 1 October
Under the new methodology, tick sizes will be determined not only by a stock"s price, but also by its liquidity. The new procedure aims to narrow bid-ask spreads and to lower latency to fill market orders, as well as to motivate investors to enter
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