Home Decor: Our Favorite Simple Lines

By Home Contributor Paige Ronchetti

Our Favorite Simple Lines
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Clean lines aren’t a trend for me so much as “A Timeless Classic That Will Never Do You Wrong.” They’re en vogue thanks to the midcentury/retro direction a lot of companies are taking right now, but even when that style eventually shifts into something else, simplicity will always be there like a dependable BFF. (Minus the bottle of wine because, duh, your furniture can’t buy wine.)
The thing that makes simple shapes work so well with other stuff is exactly that–they’re simple. Because there isn’t too much going on, it’s easy to pair them with whatever you want. Maybe a geometric side chair? A large scale floral? Damask?! Even if something wild isn’t your jam, clean lines still look great all by themselves. It won’t shock you to hear that the look lends itself to modern styles really well:

clean lines2

So light! A lot of things in this example are very linear–the chairs, picture frames, curtain rod–but it’s not stark. Going with a wood table breaks the monotony and adds some warmth, while the colorful artwork keeps all of the white from feeling blah. If I had a room with that much natural light, I’d have my butt parked at the table all the time.

For those of you who prefer a more traditional swagger, here’s how simple lines can work in your place:

clean lines3

You have the clean lines on the floor, bed frame, and windows, but look at that sofa in the corner. The rolled arms! The skirt! The matching throw pillows! All of those features are very traditional, yet they look great with the simple lines that pop up everywhere else. Even global bits like the rug and the pink accent pillow don’t look out of place because the bones of the design are so minimal. See? They will never lead you astray.

Do you use any simple, linear shapes when you decorate? What’s your favorite piece here?  Do you like the clean lines in the modern room or the traditional room? – Paige

As a fellow lover of simple lines, I am so appreciating this post.  Thanks Paige! In addition to writing for Bubby and Bean as our Home Contributor, Paige is an Interior Designer (check out her biz, The Room Kit), and also blogs over at Little Nostalgia.  You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram

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