The Pest Opening Scene – john leguizamo

The Pest Opening Scene.

Unboxing for a Riddex electronic pest control. My feelings day one.
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20 Responses to The Pest Opening Scene – john leguizamo

  1. alexandri13579 says:

    Can you upload the whole movie?

  2. TUXXrushu says:

    Follow up 7/2014 – for me the room I have it is roach free but it doesn’t
    protect the entire house. Also it doesn’t work on spiders at all. For
    roaches I really suggest Dupont Advion Cockroach Gel – Total roach
    annihalation – 1 MONTH LATER

  3. Roses Of Time says:

    I have 5 of them in my room. I fear RATS more than any creature!

  4. d jones says:

    he never followed up .. I guess it was bad enough to not even warrant a
    follow up ? lol

    oh nevermind .. saw a comment on it .. it worked


    Just plugged mine in and my house is approximately 900 sq ft. So ill let
    yall know if it works or if its pure BS

  6. Newwaver2007 says:

    The lights work, the nightlight works. But it doesn’t do dick… mine has
    flies sitfing on it and if I hear closely they are laughing at me. I feel
    humiliated lol. I am going to return it because I don’t have a clue what it
    does against insects. 

  7. Jerry101 says:

    so its been longer then a month did it work?

  8. Ari Kagura says:

    It’s been about three weeks since you made this video. Any updates about
    this product’s ability to ward off pests?

  9. Jamie Galindo says:

    I have a roch problem, so i bought two.. its bin a few weeks. And still
    theres no diffrence.. it just blinks… and works as a night light. I seen
    roches run around it.. thumbs down…

  10. Bill Kouvakis says:

    Just plugged mine BUT the green light is flashing all the time. Does it

  11. andymath89 says:

    lovely cat! :3

  12. Shena Tasha says:

    Its BS !!! I bought that because I had tenants living in my house, after
    they left they also left behind a present… Roaches… Bought 4 from
    wallmart used 2 and I still roaches around the house… I think this is a
    big scam… 

  13. Gerry Aire says:

    my mice filed a noise complaint with the police — i had to disconnect it

  14. Janet Horan says:

    I am trying it out in my kitchen where I believe a few field mice are
    hiding behind my store. Within a minute of plugging it in my cat went over
    to the bottom of the stove & sat there waiting. So she must have seen
    movement. Will see how it works.

  15. Friday Zaman says:

    Hi. Why don’t you set a trap, catch a rat, put it in front the Riddex
    thingy and switch it on. I am sure that would be an ultimate review of this
    Riddex :) 

  16. AlwaysOnline6200 says:

    This device is not a miracle worker but it does work. The commercial was
    kinda exaggerating when it said the device will build a “Digital
    Forcefield” around your house/apartment. It does not protect your whole
    house/apartment which is why you’re going to have to get two of them.
    You’re also out of luck if you own any rodent pets like Hamsters, Rats,
    Guinea Pigs, Or Mice. It technically give them a nervous breakdown and they
    will eventually die. That’s basically what this does. Some people get
    confused and think it actually kills the pests. It’s meant to repel. It can
    kill though if the pest decides to stick around or happens to get lost in
    your house/apartment and can’t escape. In my opinion, This is a much more
    humane way than those killing traps or baits that people put around when
    they spot pests. It’s also a more clean and a better option for people who
    don’t want to handle traps with dead pests in them. This would me a good
    option for me because traps are annoying as they are always getting caught
    on stuff (Glue Traps) Or they are going off when there is nothing in them.
    I’ve never used baits nor will I ever because they are SICK. The pest eats
    it and they go somewhere in your house and bleed to death (The Poison Is A
    Blood Thinner). Not only is this inhumane but if you don’t find the
    carcass, Your house/apartment is going to stink and maggots will begin to
    eat at the carcass. I’ve only used the glue traps and mechanical/spring
    traps. I haven’t had any mice this year or last year. I do get bugs often
    in the Summer time but not much in the Winter. Bugs and mice are both very
    yucky and I don’t really need them here. I order my Riddex Plus and I’m
    waiting for it to arrive. Hopefully it will keep away the pests!

  17. future305 . says:

    Your right it does not work.


    Just plugged mine in and my house is approximately 900 sq ft. So ill let
    yall know if it works or if its pure BS

  19. jorgito says:

    si sirviera lo hubiera usado el faraón contra las siete plagas de Egipto.

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