flea insane bass solo

puts me to shame
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to flea insane bass solo

  1. bjoberk says:

    The bass? No, that’s an Ernie Ball.

  2. dtpjr26 says:

    Is that a Traben? Anybody?

  3. nick24544 says:

    thats what he said!

  4. MynamesNOTDevon says:

    i need a new hand now!

  5. CABoehlke says:

    River Phoenix

  6. Univox68 says:

    fucking insane!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. normalanne says:

    Johnny Depp?

  8. TheSpeechlessOne says:

    “I don’t think anyone can be a good rock musician today unless they relate to punk rock”, best quote ever.

  9. tufmandan says:

    His head bobs sooo much its awesome lol

  10. Brided23 says:

    Angel. Nice

  11. tacomadc says:

    The groove he shows the guy is based on Jeff Berlin’s “5G” with Bruford if you ask me.

  12. tacomadc says:

    He slaps very well, but keeps it melodic too. That’s why he never gets boring like most guys.

  13. imsobored78 says:

    What’s the song at 0:23?

  14. TheKurtChaney says:

    lol no problem… he does slam the crap out of that bass dnt he. damn. wish i could do that

  15. newplanet7 says:

    Ha ha!! Thanks for the laugh brother.

  16. DrStrangelove843 says:

    Oh yeah, I know that guy, he’s a nihilist.

  17. angelowhoever says:

    Flea Fingered a girl once. She died

  18. thesimpsonsmovie100 says:

    ITSS FAAKEE flea doesnt wear t-shirt.

  19. metalist4e5 says:

    WTF he is so Fking FAST o.O

  20. jameeriousmofufu says:

    geddy lee? this is when we need a face punch button.

  21. TheMinnesotabreed360 says:

    damn that was fast!

  22. TheMinnesotabreed360 says:


  23. BTmonster12 says:

    Cliff Burton?
    Les Claypool?

  24. karateman302 says:

    those weren’t solos they were riffs

  25. DuppyBruh says:

    that was my favorite part! How can you not love the dual voices?

  26. MrKikoFisto says:

    indeed it is he and the chili peppers were good friends

  27. gekkost8fan says:

    this makes me proud to be a bassist :) 

  28. thatonekid2295 says:

    I just kept thinking, “please be done singing now.”

  29. ooxFR3AKxoo says:

    Isn’t the presenter River Phoenix ? maybe am i wrong but he looks like him

  30. DragonBalllover82 says:

    2:46- too the end of the video.

  31. jacobhamselv says:

    Sooo we got a bassplayer playing porn movie music, and an interviewer who says stuff you’d find in a porn “Nice, I like that a lot.”

  32. premkamandir says:

    that’s just GREAT! closing one’s eyes & listening to that makes feel good

  33. srfrr says:

    Ahhhh buddy hankerson he ain’t… Love flea tho.

  34. nelanenalen says:

    …”like that”

  35. Jw84be says:

    presenter kinda looks like johnny depp

  36. westcoastsvfca8 says:

    i showed my guitar teacher and he said screw it imma get me a base!

  37. shamiir18 says:

    hey Needles

  38. westcoastsvfca8 says:

    to those 52 haters YOU SUCK

  39. limski100 says:

    How many drugs is that presenter on man jeeze

  40. markeywo100 says:

    Someone for the love of god tab some of this shit.

  41. jameeriousmofufu says:

    is river pheonix high or what!

  42. lllCurryMannlll says:

    1:28 fleas got his DNA all over that bass!

  43. LiveWithRaindow says:

    Thumbs up for that Ernie Ball!

  44. PromiserOfdeath2 says:

    Flea believes in nothing, Lebowski, nothing. and tomorrow ve come back and ve cut off your chonson.

  45. carsonLILL says:


  46. kikachaaa says:

    mega funk !

  47. xODxSorcer3r says:

    He is totally high

  48. LickVeemusic says:

    Is it possible to have the tab ?

  49. chriskoum17 says:

    what petal is he using?

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