Most Funny Dog Videos Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

The dog Mary is fostering three kittens that were dropped off at the Animalshelter Pickens without a mother. Need a cat or kitten? There are plenty to choose…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to Most Funny Dog Videos Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]

  1. brunetteAngie says:

    aw so cute and funny ) Love it. Thanks for the vid!

  2. Gary Basil Grant says:

    they are drugging those dogs…

  3. ShadowLovelyFox says:

    Why was that cat inside a plastic bag??

  4. Dave Brown says:


  5. FurryNightWolf says:

    3:49 thats the official creepiest thing i have ever seen…

  6. Ruthie Kiser says:

    it is so funny how each everyone of you have something smart to say instead
    of enjoying the video you all run your smart mouth it is really sad how
    judgmental everyone is …….well I enjoy this video it was funny thank
    you for sharing this ..

  7. Isaac O'Keefe says:

    12:35 what a vicious pit bull, attacking that defenseless cat. I can
    totally see why there’s a breed ban where I live. 

  8. Shobha Watts says:

    UTTER CRAP.!! Is this entertainment? It’s CRUEL TO MAKE PETS WEAR FUNNY

  9. Jacob Forsberg says:

    4:00 torture

  10. Thomas Hitschfel says:

    the dog at 4.15 funny

  11. Rylee Moore says:

    Okay listen I don’t want to sound rude or anything but some these dogs
    could have gotten hurt! Like the one with the cereal box over his head he
    could suffocate himself. And all the ones that fall could have gotten
    really hurt too. Again I don’t want to sound rude but it just seems kind of
    dangerous for the dogs.

  12. Funnyplox TV says:
  13. Aleksandr Arhangelski says:


  14. Radka Badik says:

    pééjsciiiiiii .))

  15. lovepinkflowers3 says:

    what kind of dogs is this one? 8:41 he is so cute

  16. Karl A says:

    some of these owners are shitty people. but whatever they’re just dogs i

  17. Facundo Morelli says:

    4:30… Tazz!

  18. See05239 says:

    Just so you know, you had several clips going twice. 

  19. Kalle Alle says:

    0:24 that’s just sad

  20. Donald Chappell says:

    What breed is 15.99

  21. Silver G says:

    I mean when their falling off stuff that’s mean

  22. Paige DeHosse says:

    I hate 14. 45 the dog could have broke somthing

  23. Isaac O'Keefe says:

    Obviously no-one got the joke, seeing how the dog was clearly playing with
    the kitten.

  24. Viv A. says:

    2:57 O.o u ok bro?

  25. 168natasha says:

    Also faved cause the dog barrel-rolling and the otherone DJ-ing

  26. Benita Tunin says:

    This is beautiful to see another animal to raise a different breed of
    animals. Amazing

  27. Hiroshi Shirahara says:


  28. CharlieFNGuando says:

    The kittens were wanting to leave more than the pups because they have
    their eyes open, the puppies don’t yet. Anyone else notice that the dog
    doesn’t pick them up by the scruff? Not that it hurt them or anything it’s
    just funny because a cat would know what to do.

  29. Zeljko Zeljhac says:

    and then you read, that mother (human) left her newborn baby…
    Jesus, the animals are more caring then some humans. 

  30. solomonshv says:

    Queue in the retards claiming the dog is killing the kittens…

  31. Megumi W. says:

    Very precious and heartwarming

  32. TaylorSwiftgirl101 says:

    that was so sweet! She loved her kittens and puppies!

  33. Klaus Deutschländer says:


  34. Marci Scannell says:

    Awww so cute….what a nice mommy dog trying to watch the kittens too :) 

  35. Olivia Browne says:

    Wait do the cats drink the dogs milk too O_o Ether way its still amazing!

  36. SunnasChariot says:

    Awwww! So precious! 

  37. Meghan Ragle says:

    Lol… The Pup was like “my kitty, I take her now.”

  38. nair castro says:

    aww <3

  39. mustlovepugs76 says:

    What a sweetheart!

  40. jaleesa morrison says:

    Precious beyond words! So adorable and sweet! ❤ ❤ ❤

  41. Devon Watson says:

    To sweet! 

  42. Christine Kalinowski says:

    So sweet!

  43. Kiesa Coakley says:

    Awww how cute 

  44. Jolie EnCristo says:

    That’s beautiful!! 

  45. Ecoutez le Cinéma ... SoundTrackMania The Soundtrack Passion says:

    I love ♥ so beautifull

  46. Angelina Morgan says:


  47. larry spizzirri says:


  48. Iphimedia Marple says:

    Adorable! Thanks for all you do.

  49. Barbara OConnor says:

    So very beautiful, such a wonderful dog!

  50. Kristi Melo says:

    That was so cute

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