spanish flea 1 Hour

I just made 1 Hour of Beach Parade :D
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25 Responses to spanish flea 1 Hour

  1. DjShinterPSN says:

    What i do with this song:
    Go on league of legends,
    Play Teemo with smite and flash,
    Get to level 18,
    Camp/Go invisible at baron(boss)
    Wait till enemy team fight it and when its low health i smite and run away
    using flash, than i go to the one of their towers while the enemy is
    focusing my team, and destroy the towers and when they come, just bait them
    with bombs :P 

  2. elocin1964 says:

    what i play when im watching twitchplayspokemon (so worth it)

  3. Platinum Trainer says:

    I play this in Skype calls all the time whenever my friend rages while
    playing his game XD

  4. RamboyVsGaming says:

    I think about this song when I troll people ingame

  5. Green Giant says:

    Ever since I saw the gif, all I can imagine is a Bidoofs head spinning
    around when I listen to this…

  6. Josh Park says:

    i play this song when trolling noobs on fps games XD

  7. Radam53142 says:

    Listen to this at .25 speed, .5, 1.5, and 2 speed. It really changes the
    mood of the song haha

  8. Ebin Peruna says:

    I am the best Thresh EUW…

  9. MrAntieMatter says:

    701st comment!
    just because,

  10. oscar bosak says:

    I play this when im taking a S**T

  11. Matttheking02 says:

    I play this when waiting for something to end

  12. Sol Roh says:

    Play kassidan with this

  13. Shandalley Delphox says:

    I found this song because of PBG when he played minecraft hardcore xD

  14. Chiptune Lion says:

    Oh my god.

    *it’s that one song..*

  15. YeaowpowNation says:

    le epic trole noobs


  16. KnightRyderPrime says:

    Best elevator music

  17. BrainDeadMon says:

    how’d this become the derp/troll national anthem?

  18. Sadiq Adnan says:

    Admin: Trolling time. My brother is trolling with that song, when we’re
    playing Call of Duty xD

  19. BlueGlach says:

    omg i found my true love

  20. Dick Tator says:


  21. GTS Revolution says:

    I feel like I been in an elevator for an hour

  22. Winston Zhang says:

    The song I listen to while spamming the frying pan on TF2.

  23. CHASE361224 says:


  24. GamerBlue53 says:

    I play this song when I’m thinking about my grades…

  25. Czegi HUN says:

    the best song

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