Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass Spanish Flea Video 1965

Extremely rare clip from the 1967 Singer show. Enjoy. P.S. I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to see Herb and Lani play at Blues Alley in Georgetown Wa…

IMPORTANT! There has been a flea outbreak in the area and I am coming to save you. In this detailed doctor examination asmr video, I will check your scalp an…
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50 Responses to Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass Spanish Flea Video 1965

  1. Fallen Angel says:
  2. Tom Vukelja says:

    Herb at the bullfights? Total WTFs

  3. woody95124 says:

    mike hunt needs a doctor visit!

  4. Kazuhira Miller says:

    desde entonces ya se hacian pendejos con el playback

  5. JPPT1974 says:

    Great music, great fun!

  6. Alex Elliott says:

    I keep watching thinking, How are they playing without using their lips?
    Took me too long…

  7. IWxGH05T says:

    1:27 He’s not blowing the trumpet, MIMER!!

  8. frostedhead says:

    The crazy thing about this is… they were jamming… I didn’t see charts
    up there… they were a total rock band, just doing dey thang…

  9. Guillermo Godoy says:

    JJAJAJAJAJ me cagaron

  10. The7500123 says:

    1 Pause the video 2 Play the video 3 press 4 every second or so

  11. bastardfingers says:

    great track. Shame about the filthy primitive animal abusers in the vid.

  12. Robert Lopresti says:

    Very similar.

  13. JoJoGunn1956 says:

    Drop another f-bomb, Brainiac.

  14. hispanicmagic says:

    That guy at 2:03 is really going for it!! haha!

  15. olvidatedeeso says:

    it was a little spanish flea, how knew how to make bombs, and plant them
    near parks…..a little spanish flea

  16. Eléctrico Studios says:

    Orale es el Toreo de Tijuana !!!

  17. itizq13 says:

    MUNECO when you hear this song think about me as always love you besitos

  18. María del Carmen Velasquez says:

    La busque casi por 10 años y hoy Por fin! GRACIAS Ü

  19. DOONSAAVEDRA says:

    Hola, soy guaripolo……., aslkjdslakjdlskjad

  20. yo mama says:

    smokin and waving your hat, oh yes

  21. John Duffy III says:

    Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass rules and don’t forgot the bull!

  22. Ruben Cano says:

    La Tijuana que los verdaderos Tijuanenses añoramos !!! No la de hoy, de la
    cual se ha destruido el turismo y el ambiente sano. Es una verdadera
    lastima !!!! la falta del amor de nuestros gobernantes por nuestra ciudad y
    por los edificios que son su patrimonio historico como ese bellisimo TOREO

  23. corneydoors says:

    @IrishAce1000 Loves it!!

  24. WytZox1 says:

    Next time MISTER HOBBS TAKES A VACATION is on TCM pay close attention and
    you’ll see Herb Alpert in the dance band at the country club dance.

  25. Vercingetorix2006 says:

    Everyone looks so happy, having a great time South of the Border…just
    think…just a few hundred miles away hippies were probably burning down an
    ROTC building.

  26. sgcollins says:

    this is pretty cool olivia.

  27. DrChristianShepard says:

    I’m assuming you appreciate all feedback when I say, “please no videos with
    bugs crawling on my head.” Not relaxing.

  28. RAMBOJVR says:

    I want to see my mutated fleas! Can I name them?

    I always wanted to infest in a flea circus!

  29. Stuart Twiddy says:

    Do you mean lice? Cuz im pretty sure people dont get fleas. I could be
    wrong though. 

  30. PassionateStrawberry says:

    Too much spraying! Other wise the video is great. I really enjoyed it : ).

  31. daniel gigs says:

    It isn’t impossible for these ‘mutant fleas’ to mutate again and adapt to
    the chemicals the kill them and stop the from jumping on you

  32. Dennis50300 says:

    sound is reverse

    but very relaxing

  33. evoermine says:

    “Nothing serious”
    “This is very serious!”

  34. DavidTheSuperhero says:

    Mutated fleas? Legen… wait for it! …dary! Legendary! :D 

  35. Daffy Muck says:

    When my wife gets lice, I put Epsom salts and a gallon of gasoline in half
    a tub of boiling hot water. I hold her head under the water for 30 minutes
    and the lice are gone………couple times my wife was almost gone but I
    rolled her over, showed her a picture of a pig in a blanket and she popped
    right back to life…….damn it!

  36. skjelver one says:

    “Cocoons”. OK i’m going to go put the dogs out and wash my hair three or
    four times. 

  37. Knight Mason says:

    Mutant zombie fleas? o.O
    Btw you need to flip your stereo channels.

  38. cbrb40 says:

    My goodness that voice (and face) are sooooo beautiful pure sweetness!
    making me totally limp and melted. it’s hard to type a comment while you’re
    talking Olivia. ;) But I can’t believe I finally have fleas after all these
    years. I remember waking up in a kennel after a long night,the moon was out
    that night now all of a sudden I have fleas. Thanks doc for cleaning me up
    you’re the nicest! :) xoxo

  39. The ASMR Circus says:

    The spray sounds! *____* So, so nice! <3

  40. Whispered_Stories says:

    Thank you for yet another amazing video! :-) 

  41. kxmode says:

    Flesh eating fleas! o _ o

    Are they ill-tempered?

  42. Song Mozart says:

    Are you sure they’re not lice? lol

  43. Yeshua Maitreya says:

    I beLIEve everything you say. Always. What do Mexican fleas wear in winter?
    A fleace? (o;

  44. SoothedBySound says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful voice. You are one of the best at
    eliciting tingles and relaxation.

  45. Elysium Echo says:

    Are you trying to suggest that ASMR is caused by fleas?! Hey, what are you
    doing!? Please don’t take them away! Nooooooooo! I need their mood altering

    Seriously though, I think I really like your serious face. You look like a
    totally different person than when you smile continuously. Thanks again,
    Cheers ;-) 

  46. Shelby Gates says:

    This is soo relaxing. So many tingles. Also reminds me of when I was in
    middle school and every month they checked everyone’s heads for lice

  47. sweeperchick says:

    I liked this video a lot. My only piece of constructive criticism, and I’m
    sure others have different opinions, is that there were a LOT of spray
    sounds at the end and they seemed louder than the rest of the video.

  48. loveasmr says:


  49. columkenn says:

    I hope you will check my scalp often Dr Olivia

  50. ASMeRmaid says:

    no you cant have my flea samples! i want to keep them as pets.

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