BUCK-TICK生出演! 『或いはアナーキー発売記念SP! BUCK-TICKで眠れない!』

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27 Responses to BUCK-TICK生出演! 『或いはアナーキー発売記念SP! BUCK-TICKで眠れない!』

  1. mine ayase says:


  2. YU-YA says:


  3. boiledcrap says:

    Tick – Superman
    Sewer Urchin – Aquaman
    American Maid – Wonder Woman
    Die Fledermaus – Batman

  4. PeeJay Brown Jr says:

    One of my favorite TV shows!

  5. Sy Bernot says:

    Do you dig?

  6. Emory Mullis says:

    We should all dig in like this super hero. You can do great things if you
    will only take a stand. It is hard to make a difference sitting down.

  7. Daniel Gutierrez says:

    did anyone else see CHA in the moon ay 19:15 ?

  8. kchrist85 says:

    I think TheCaptainsAntics meant “M. Bison”

  9. Çorumlu Göbel says:

    Best video name ever :P 

  10. KolderKap 2013 says:

    thank you for the shares …! I love ‘em !! :-P 

  11. warriorsnuts says:

    Check out our fan made series trailer AN INTERVIEW WITH THE TICK..full
    episodes coming soon……SPOOOOON

  12. Diesel Barn says:

    Your name is berry berry berry berry berry…….. LMFO

  13. meenadaae says:


  14. Lee Waller says:

    Interviewer: Can you destroy the earth? The Tick: Egad I hope not, that’s
    where I keep all my stuff! Love that line.

  15. teoteous says:

    I heard about the Evil Midnight Bomber’s Popularity but…. why?

  16. thetick532 says:


  17. 3740blackie says:

    Flawless show!

  18. horacepthompkin says:

    The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight is the best villain EVer.

  19. AurionGoat says:

    Arthur is chubby! His muscles aren’t really defined when you compare him to
    the Tick or even Die Fledermaus. Thinner arms too.

  20. Flashin Jackson says:

    17:37 Right after the midnight bomber says they have 20 seconds before the
    bombs blow up, count 20 seconds and you’ll laugh.

  21. Cher Zee says:

    I love Big Shot – I keep on imagining the Punisher putting violence in the
    “happy box.”

  22. 1awareness says:

    0:00-1:00 amen the sailor’s creed

  23. 12thManInTokyo says:


  24. LBHmusic says:

    The doorman’s design reminds me of M. Bison

  25. DeckThe Lols says:

    !Can’t loose my name! It’s on all my stationary!” Hahaha

  26. Luke Bester says:

    What does IMO mean?

  27. Tony Fernandez says:


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