The Switch (8/11) Movie CLIP – Lice (2010) HD

The Switch Movie Clip – watch all clips click to subscribe When Sebastian (Bryce Robinson) comes down with a case of li…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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10 Responses to The Switch (8/11) Movie CLIP – Lice (2010) HD

  1. BonesandBooth92 says:

    This movie was so adorable…can’t even handle this scene!

  2. Katie Fortune says:

    happy tree friends!

  3. Jose Valadez says:

    Song name at the beginning?

  4. Jessie Skelton says:

    0:42 what show is that boy watching??? O.O

  5. Juliet O'Connor says:

    Ahaha no im not gonna throw up im busy killing lice.

  6. Mark Flynn says:

    Happy tree friends

  7. ogeorgina says:

    :) .. perfect .. ( sigh )

  8. TheTarheel2011 says:

    goddamn this movie sucked dick!!

  9. don sellers says:

    Undershirt plus t shirt

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