Genuine Flea Circus

A sneak preview of Professor Cockerill’s Flea Circus; currently in training for performances in 2008. This is the first traditional Flea Circus to be perform…
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25 Responses to Genuine Flea Circus

  1. daFattylover says:

    Fleas have invaded my home recently and I’m currently dealing with them. I
    plan to take prisoners and force them to do things like this. The revenge
    for all that lost blood will be enjoyable and quite severe.

  2. popsandworm says:

    Is that wire wound around the joint between their heads and bodies? That
    seems like a very difficult thing to do. I know they’re “just fleas”, but
    suffering in any creatures is not…nice. Yet your comments on how you keep
    them has reassured me, and this really is a spectacle!

  3. shibainulover9000 says:

    lol the flea in the begining is drunk

  4. ndlbt says:

    welcome to the world of flea tamers, there are very far and few of us! keep
    it up.

  5. zaubererkalibo says:

    Where do you perform?? I really want to see you and your amazing artists!

  6. maxiumattack says:

    no they tie a thin wire around the fleas waist

  7. chandler1193 says:

    what kind of flea is that? is it Ctenocephalides felis, or Pulex irritans

  8. UltraViolencex says:

    HAHAHAHA @ Flea abuse. I bet all you fuckers defending the fleas have dogs
    and cats and try your hardest to kill them. But SUDDENLY when they’re used
    for something you have to bitch ahhahaa.

  9. 69mechanik says:

    Flealings, nothing more than flealings…….

  10. Daniel Bingamon says:

    Hope the Animal rights people don’t come after you.

  11. pianistnyc says:

    Lol!! Haha. But still, every life has worth.

  12. rotatingwah says:

    To 8416287, Well it has been a month since you posted your question. You’ve
    probably realized this by now but once you get them- there’s no getting rid
    of them. Many people go through the rest of their lives never realizing
    that they’re infested. But there’s no cause for alarm or worry because
    you’re not alone out there and there are support groups as well as
    treatment and counseling. There’s even a dating website devoted to flea
    ridden singles. There’s always the circus. (The flea circus)

  13. Mogakai says:

    Hey, this is cool. I liked seeing them juggle.

  14. crazypencil100 says:


  15. ObsTheGreat says:

    Not like they have a long memory or can feel anything, so who cares?

  16. Stan Lobchuk says:

    Buy raid spray ment for fleas its purple. And by the fogger too. Then use
    the spray on all your carpets and outside. then vacume and throw away the
    bag or whatever is sucked up immeditly., bomb/fog the house then respray it
    and vaccume the floors again and throw it away immeditly..

  17. SomeScouser says:

    im here by saddened to announce that i have less skill than a flea..

  18. raptoresque says:

    hahahahaha wtf

  19. maxxygaetan says:

    whats the music used in this, at the start??

  20. laurelkhpr says:

    This is hilarious!!!

  21. ILoveMyTail says:

    clean your house more often..

  22. hoyt596 says:

    @Kabilanalmond It’s a fucking flea. I don’t like anything that lives off
    blood and spreads disease, if you sucked another humans blood I would treat
    you just like a flea. You used “uncanny” wrong by the way.

  23. frendlyman says:

    i know its crazy but wear a flea collar and shower every day

  24. Nancy517 says:


  25. shoyu12 says:

    lol juggling practic make a sequel plz

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