Play Doh Puppies Playset and Kibble Kranker Dog Puppy Cute

This is a cute playset all about puppies. Product Description by Amazon: Help this mummy dog care for her puppies – but first, you have to create them. Mould…
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Please make a small donation to Hope For Paws and help us start 2014 strong with many more rescues. A donation from many people would make all the differe…

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36 Responses to Play Doh Puppies Playset and Kibble Kranker Dog Puppy Cute

  1. Penelope Wu says:

    can you make a Play-Doh set call cake and ice cream confections set

  2. Giovane Fernandez says:
  3. Drixine Francisco says:

    Can you do cake and ice cream confections pls 

  4. Laura Amelia Torres De La Rosa says:

    hello people

  5. andrea esther lugo leyva says:

    Lo ve play doh

  6. maurcio de souza guimaraes Junior says:

    Muito interessante

  7. erxhan esati says:


  8. Daniel's Cartoons says:

    Me too

  9. Amy Line says:

    You liked your own video? I would too XD

  10. Prakash macharla says:
  11. The Huffington Post says:

    *Meet Miley the dog*
    She was found living in a trash heap without a home.
    This story will warm your heart :

    #hopeforpaws FTW [h/t @liz mc]

  12. LPSFRANCE001 says:

    omg this dog is just beautiful , i cry , but i know this have a beautiful
    ending :´D

  13. Red Pill Philosophy says:

    “Ah, poor little dog, let’s save him. Here dog, here’s a piece of meat from
    another animal for you to eat”. Uh, wait, why are we getting all fuzzy and
    warm, and donating, over this video, while the helping of this dog involved
    feeding it body parts from another helpless animal? lol, stupid
    hypocritical humans, up to their usual tricks…

  14. Ricardo Faraday says:
  15. Yanto Tjokro says:

    Do you care also

  16. Eldad Hagar says:
  17. Christopher Gaul says:

    *Warning! Feelz ahead.*

  18. Ash Almond says:

    I really love this. This is so touching and inspiring… Every soul
    deserves a home to live and a chance to experience a decent life. Whoever
    rescued this dog has a heart of an Angel. THUMB UP!

  19. Homer Slated says:
  20. kallie marie says:

    I hope the original owners of some of the dogs he rescues have seen the
    video and felt like shit. They don’t deserve the love from another animal
    ever again. 

  21. Filmyz says:

    Best video I have watched all week.

  22. Kevin P says:

    UPDATE: As of April 7, 2014 Miley has found a FOREVER HOME with her new mom
    TONI BUA. This was made possible with the help from the THE FUZZY PET
    FOUNDATION. See the video titled “Home Sweet Home, Miley!-The Fuzzy Pet

  23. Σουζανα Τ. says:

    :’( <3

  24. Виктор Рамазанов says:

    I don’t understand how someone can click thumbs down on this video, you
    mother fuckers must have no heart.

  25. Bobby Sims says:

    Great work….

  26. Morganna Lefay says:

    is there another video of her happy , after her rescue?

  27. I Love Animals! says: Video-A homeless dog is rescued. Heartwarming.

  28. Joakim Wiik says:

    Don’t call PETA. they are gonna sue hopeforpaws because they stole PETAs

  29. Moon Danbi says:

    Correction, it’s mainly Chinese and Koreans, not Vietnamese as I’m a
    Vietnamese and have never seen anyone in my family eat a dog. And it’s
    strange because they dislike dogs!
    And don’t be racist and say we deserve to get nuked because there are
    thousands of people in different countries and places that eat animals.
    It’s not just Asia.

  30. chang112x says:

    why they don’t do the same thing for human beings…….

  31. Alejandro_2305 says:

    I always cry with those videos :’)
    Those little guys were put on Earth just to love us, be good to them

  32. papdin69 says:

    1 question, how is that possible to dislike a video like this one?

  33. Mortal Fan says:

    556 people have no heart

  34. Charlotte V says:

    This is touching.. 

  35. kareem souri says:

    That’s right, care about dogs and forget about humans.

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