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Halo Pets Rewards Foundation Donors
With Social Media Kudos and Product Discounts!

— Program Powered by Charitable Checkout’s ‘Rewarded Giving’ Platform —

Charitable Checkout announces that, on May 19th, Halo, Purely For Pets, the socially responsible pet food brand co-owned by animal advocate and media personality Ellen DeGeneres, began a new program to raise awareness and support for the Halo Pet Foundation.

Visitors to Halo’s Facebook Page are afforded the opportunity to donate an amount of their choice and, in return, get thanked by Halo on their Facebook Timelines, get digital discount coupons for purchases on Halopets.com, as well as a printable coupon redeemable at Halo’s brick and mortar retail partners. Donors are not required to make a purchase.

The digital coupons, valued between $ 5 and $ 20 depending on the amount of the donation, include free shipping and the printable retail coupon offers change monthly. Powering this effort is Charitable Checkout’s ‘Rewarded Giving’ cause marketing platform that makes it easy for businesses to create campaigns that benefit whatever charities they want to support, while generating positive social media and sales.

David Yaskulka, Halo’s Vice President, Marketing Communications commented, “When loving pet parents buy Halo for their pets, their purchase supports the health and energy of not only their pets, but also less fortunate pets, as we donate over 1.5 million meals every year. Our customers are also very generous, and partnering with Charitable Checkout for Rewarded Giving is a way for us to show another small token of our appreciation.”

Charitable Checkout’s Founder, Jay Ziskrout, said, “We believe that the bottom line of virtually any business can be improved by incorporating cause and values-based marketing initiatives into the overall marketing strategy and we’re excited about teaming up with a brand like Halo who has ‘doing good’ baked into its DNA.”

Explaining the ‘Rewarded Giving’ concept, Ziskrout continued, “Instead of forcing people to buy a product to unlock an often unquantifiable donation amount, we enable businesses like Halo to reward the customers and followers that choose to give with product discounts and public props. Donors can rest easy knowing that 100% of their donation, after a small payment processing expense, goes to the charity that they have decided to support.”

The Halo, Purely For Pets rewarded giving campaign page is located on their Facebook
and on the Charitable Checkout Website.


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