Mayonnaise Heads & Lice

What would prompt a family to spread mayonnaise on their heads and then shower caps? Lice.
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25 Responses to Mayonnaise Heads & Lice

  1. Precious Lopez says:


  2. Claudia Mariela says:

    “Misery likes company” lol. right

  3. FLOWERGIRL08 says:

    Doe is work

  4. coolguys31 says:

    lol 0:50

  5. sassylatina808 says:

    @castleguardian ewwwwwwww really ok that’s gross but it’s a good point, lol

  6. Perth Pongngern says:

    Hmm..does that really work?

  7. baby8074 says:

    ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew nasty head lice ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew

  8. meetdiamond says:

    cute family though

  9. brandonbamf99 says:

    just go out and buy the damn treatment kit. mayo suffocates the lice, it
    doesn’t get rid of the eggs.

  10. rklcardinal says:

    Next time use hair gel

  11. TreeHandThing says:

    EW why the f*ck would they do that? Is that some anchient chinese treatment
    they found on the internet or somethin? Ew ew ew ew. Manonnayise is nasty

  12. BlindZombieFace says:

    you all have it good…..I had to have Vinigar and lemon juice in my hair

  13. madjunir says:

    @KairiSkellington12 nope the vinegar does nothing the mayonnaise just
    sticks to them and gets in their pores so they can hardly breath or move. a
    few hours is enough, but people like to leave it overnight

  14. Kayla Larson says:

    *you know dad you really shouldnt be videotaping this* *what you dont have
    this memory forever* *uh no*

  15. Ferkilicious1 says:

    The Ingredients of a kid Sammich Mayonnaise. Cheese. Two slices of bread.
    Add kid. Serves One I r no cannibal, but mayonnaise in hair is funny.

  16. shawbros says:

    Comb that mayonnaise out, spread it on bread, and eat it.

  17. codi hatfield says:

    wow did it work>?

  18. MaagePhilip says:

    i’d be so grossd out

  19. Mady_xoxo says:

    Yes it works im actually going to do it and you suppose to leave it for 2

  20. DragonCuali says:

    Sadly mayo doesn’t really work…i would know Q~Q

  21. ladiej97 says:

    aww there soo cute..LOL

  22. eazibreezilemonpeezi says:

    the kids are fast food workers lol

  23. tina piercy says:

    @madjunir Oh! Ok! Thank you!

  24. mayonna white says:


  25. sk1ttlez98duh says:

    @Kayamath123 a flat iron is a thing that has gets real hot and presses hair
    and makes it flat

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