Deer Tick “The Dream’s in the Ditch” 09/25/13

Deer Tick performs a song from their album Negativity. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Co…

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25 Responses to Deer Tick “The Dream’s in the Ditch” 09/25/13

  1. Patrick Duffy says:

    Conan is a genius for musical talent.

  2. Matty WaHoo says:

    John must have banged Jordan Mikes girl back in the day and he is still
    bitter! What a cock knocker!!!

  3. Tim Vella says:

    You guys suck with your comments… Deer tick is great. 

  4. ian walton says:

    great band, saw them in leeds, put on a great show, and nice people a must
    see live act

  5. Emma Rome says:

    They make me proud to be a Rhode Islander.

  6. William Clair Brown says:


  7. SweetflyRules says:

    they didnt add a singer .. they are just featuring one of Ian`s songs

  8. ENeon25 says:

    0:03 :’|

  9. Nucular Robit says:

    The internet is complete!

  10. dawg Man says:

    Hell yes!!

  11. Emma Rome says:

    they did not add a new singer. Ian O’Neil plays guitar alongside John
    McCauley. I know where you’re coming from; I definitely prefer McCauley’s
    croon. John’s still going to be doing most of the singing.

  12. TheDa99ykane says:

    I know the drummer great guy.

  13. SweetflyRules says:

    I have heard plenty of Replacements comparisons with Deer Tick …but I
    have never heard them refered to as cute … : )

  14. jordan mike says:

    Sure – it is a poor area with a few well to do people, It is the $1.8
    million in revenue the Congressman did not report (and $500K in back taxes)
    that indicate the family is well to do. This was over a three year period,
    so $600K per year split by 2 partners – $300K per year. I’d say that is
    pretty well to do. And the connections as a Congressman is sure to help
    also. Both Conan and the Congressman are staunch liberals and run in the
    same circles. (Granted republicans are more corrupt IMHO)

  15. Alec Catapang says:

    Deer Dick XD

  16. S.C. King says:

    I saw them at the Olympic club a few years ago when I lived in Centralia,
    WA. That was before they were famous. And no, I’m not a hipster, just
    getting old…

  17. starglowe says:

    Well the music is great, I guess it’s the singer I find cute ;D

  18. Nucular Robit says:

    Care much bro?

  19. Joe steezy says:

    Deertick rules grunge rock, country-folk, blues what more?

  20. JamesL1976 says:

    The guy in the back on the right didn’t have too much to do…good song

  21. Rob Levasseur says:


  22. Jeff Leach says:

    They actually have 3 singers.

  23. starglowe says:

    They kind of sound like a countrified Replacements! cute

  24. John Wilkison says:

    This sounds like the end of a crappy relationship comedy movie.

  25. Jason MacFarlane says:

    haha good call bro!

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