Head Lice Treatment -The Safe and Natural Way

A how-to guide to head lice removal. Hair Fairies shows you how to treat head lice and save money. All their head lice treatment products are safe and natural. Don’t let head lice and nits ruin your day! Hair Faires has been a trusted name in the head live removal business since 1999.

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22 Responses to Head Lice Treatment -The Safe and Natural Way

  1. Samantha Kelly says:


  2. Samantha Kelly says:

    I got nits from my cuz durn why didn’t she tell me well the nurse said all I have is a dr scalp

  3. sessy2010 says:

    I can’t imagin how good it must feel to have all that crap out! Also, I just love the feeling of getting my hair combed :]

  4. TheCraphater says:

    figures you are rascist

  5. adrianthesrtunit says:

    my god can that child be patient :)

  6. Vote4RonPaulLiberty says:

    This product does not work!

  7. waffleriddle says:

    that little girl is so cute and patient

  8. marycarmichael says:

    Problem is… after going off birth control my hair has started falling out so much. I don’t want to go bald with that comb.

  9. DreksLab says:

    what is the cream,oil,and shampoo called???please

  10. MikiPrice says:

    My estimation is your truly uneducated. The word your looking for hun is one you have not found in your 52 years and its called Assertion! Assumption! either of those would be appropriate.

  11. mrsmagloo says:

    That has to be THE most patient child I’ve ever seen!

  12. TheKeyKeyWizzy says:

    is there an age limit to get this done

  13. sshaCORE says:

    what kind of hair product do u use? can i use any kind of hair cream for this treatment? and can i do it myself? cuz no one want to help me -.-

  14. djjoe214 says:

    no doubt

  15. JeydonWaleLover1210 says:

    thank you

  16. JeydonWaleLover1210 says:

    bitch i aint fucking racist but that is because you are black. Almost all black peoples hair is greesey so get your damn facts straight before you call someone wrong with your wanna be smartself!!! dad gum

  17. currantheorgnl says:

    WRONG EVERYONE DOES NOT GET LICE I am a 52 yr young BLACK woman having raised 4 children, now grown and NONE o f my children EVER GOT LICE NOT EVER! SO YOUR ESTIMATION is INCORRECT

  18. Jesvel18 says:

    yes she had long hair and i had long hair too back then. my mom cut my hair chin length because of the lice :/

  19. ROARbygolly2269 says:

    damnnn she has soo much

  20. MegaAwesomeMe1 says:

    and where do you get that nit zapping comb?

  21. jesterware says:

    actually………..shampoo, part hair, condition part after parts your working on then start combing

  22. jesterware says:

    lice do jump!!!!

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