Modulus Flea Bass – Extreme Slap & Tapping Solo [By Miki Santamaria] (Modulus Funk Unlimited)

Hi everyone! I’m Miki, a London based bass player from Barcelona (Spain). This is a slap & tapping solo with a Modulus Funk Unlimited 4 (also called Modulus …

Flea Rock (USA / Skill Methodz ) Edited by B-boy Koji-rocK.

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32 Responses to Modulus Flea Bass – Extreme Slap & Tapping Solo [By Miki Santamaria] (Modulus Funk Unlimited)

  1. Idonious says:

    I assume that tapping, and perhaps even slapping, sounds better with lower
    action? I’ve been wanting to try and develop some tapping ability but I
    reckon the action might be a bit too high on my bass, or my technique is
    atrocious :’)

  2. Abel Ton says:

    I can’t stop listening to it

  3. Luka Kolak says:

    He looks a bit like Phillip Lahm.

  4. someboodey says:

    Omg o.o

  5. Dale Warfield says:

    saaaweeeeeeet! this dude here is funktabulos

  6. Giorgio Tsoukalos says:

    Can I have sex with you?

  7. PROGrapeSmuggler3000 says:

    Now this is better than flea himself. 

  8. ฉัตรวี สุขสวัสดิ์เสรีกุล says:

    What’s the brand of your bass?

  9. Joakim Tribual says:

    what gauge are you using?

  10. ronny slams says:

    awesome ,fawkin eh

  11. Lavanda says:

    Excelente! Mucha buena onda!

  12. Máté Kovács says:


  13. Jaycee Caguinguin says:

    nice bro,,,you pretty sounds like victor wooten

  14. Francisco Nunes says:

    does anyone knows how to get one of those basses?

  15. Marcelo Bendezu says:

    crazy man

  16. Shane Cusack says:

    Go back to the planet bass, you are making us Earthlings feel so small.
    Amazing stuff, well done man.

  17. PedalGod says:

    It’s dem triplets that get you every time ain’t it

  18. Martin Rangel says:

    Mad Skillz!

  19. bacejuex n says:

    great combo between funky flea slap style and victor wooten thumb action

  20. ortega michel says:
  21. Desmond Harrington says:


  22. cesar montemayor says:

    Dama brother shit i love this shir

  23. Abraham Metalero says:

    Oh man this is simply amazing!!! this video makes me cry, congratulations

  24. John Wenzel says:

    excellent work…spot on!

  25. Ola Smit says:

    Fab. I love you Miki, kisses from Holland. xxxxxxxxxx

  26. Salvador Garcia says:

    That head spin on concrete dope!! You are one of the sickest b-boys ever
    bro .. Inspirational

  27. Tony Max Quiñones Villanueva says:

    song name ??? 

  28. Max-e G says:

    Fauuuck head spin on concreeete..:x

  29. edwin daniel salazar aucapuclla says:

    nice :) 

  30. mikael leal perdigão says:

    next video >> bboy niek (just do it) ruggeds o/ ^please 

  31. Koji rocK says:


  32. Nelson Pinero says:

    Love the video. Mandando saludos aqui desde Allentown PA.

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