Kitchen Cupboard Make-Over: After

A few nice Pest images I found:

Kitchen Cupboard Make-Over: After

Image by Pieter Pieterse
One of the original uncluttering space optimization systems from when our Mom’s had the same problems we have now! Tupperware.

Our kitchen cupboard after converting it to a dry pantry. Called in the help of a tupperware lady to help us "re-zone" the kitchen. We now have a recession- and cooking process friendly dry pantry. Everything visible, uncluttered, sealed against pests, stored in larger (cheaper) quantities, sealed for freshness, within reach, etc. The bottles and cans were moved to another shelf under our staircase.

The key was to move the shelving heights to maximize better match container heights.

The Cat Says . . .

Image by faith goble
Grattis på födelsedagen, Alexander! George (the big, round ball-of-fur in this picture), the dogs, and I send birthday greetings from Kentucky. May Alexander and his sweet mother, my friend Helena (Hejiana), have a spectacular day.

You can see Helena’s lovely work at and a wonderful picture of Alexander at

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