RANT!!! Lice On My Aliexpress Hair!?!? NO Ma’am

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25 Responses to RANT!!! Lice On My Aliexpress Hair!?!? NO Ma’am

  1. goldmouth100 says:

    makes me dont ever want virgin hair ..smh ;-( 

  2. Chantelle Brown says:

    Terrifying. No Ali for me. Better Business Bureau needs to contacted!

  3. BeautyDiivva says:

    Omgosh I’m going through it now! I just received my order from Queen Weave
    Beauty and it has lice nits in it! I’m highly upset! I can’t believe these
    companies have the nerve to send people hair with lice in it! 

  4. 冯红星 says:

    Dear, I am the new manager of the shop now, sorry for the bad experience,
    we are making improvement, our hair now NO LICE, NO SHEDDING, TANGLE FREE,
    and FREE SHIPPING BACK FOR ANY ISSUE, if the hair is shipped back like you
    received. please try it again, thank you
    i will not let you down, happy new year

  5. Shadia G says:

    U should mail it back 

  6. Diondria Thornton says:

    OMG thats crazy thats what i have always been scared of! That’s why I
    started my own!
    Contact me. virgininquiries@gmail.com. I sell 100% Human Hair. Competitive
    Pricing and I send samples.

  7. shardae80 says:

    I would have been blowing his inbox up, umm no you seen my message stop
    playing with me, and he would have got multiple negative reviews since he
    want to act like he ain’t seen the message…you spent your money worths
    for that virgin hair and lice, lice nits whatever is serious….they should
    have seen that before even shipping out to you or any customer smh I really
    hope you ended up getting that situated and sorry that you or anybody had
    received virgin hair like that!!

  8. MsKLLM says:

    I’ve been debating buying from aliexpress….. Smh not anymore I’m over
    it.. That’s so disgusting… 

  9. Nicole Jacqueline Obovo Emore says:

    I hope it doesnt happen with synthetic hair though

  10. Regina Davis says:

    Girl this just happened to me omg what did you do??? I just got mine today 

  11. gregory woods says:

    lmfaooooooo “tooo virgin” lolololol im deaddd

  12. shuna kho says:

    You Should Try Rosa Hair Products From Aliexpress No Lice, Clean, Smells
    VERY Good, longevity GREAT, Luster GREAT, Little Shedding Here And There
    BUT Great Quality For Affordable Prices

  13. corease lane says:

    Hello, as disgusting as this may sound. This is very normal when purchasing
    hair from India, which is where the hair originally come from. Whether you
    buy it from China or directly from India. Im a hair vendor I purchase in
    bulk directly from India and when I place my order removing the nits from
    the hair is optional, I can pay them a few dollars more to remove the nits
    or I can wash the hair and remove them myself. I always remove them myself
    and what you do is a mayonnaise treatment on the hair and you take a small
    tooth comb and comb through the hair, then you wash as normal. You got to
    remember this hair is coming from less fortunate people. The supplier is
    taking waste and turning it into something beautiful. I hope this helps.

  14. Cherokee Paris says:

    well when i got my mannequin from school i shampooed it with a blue puppy
    shampoo from dollar general and it worked instantly after i washed combed
    while shampooing and repeated three times( the shampoo has an umbrella and
    black or brown and white puppy on the bottle) then i deep conditioned. it
    really works because my cousin and i were the only ones to pass our
    mannequin inspection the next day. good luck. p.s. the shampoo smells
    really good too not like dog shampoo

  15. qnvirgo says:

    Toooo virgin lmaooo

  16. TheLolzatyourfacemoo says:

    Good thing I don’t wear weave.

  17. md3282y says:

    wait, doesn’t ALIexpress offer resolution and refunds…..????

  18. carmelcode says:

    This hair is from Golden Swish I have a link in the info bar

  19. lacewigdesigner says:

    Omg I cannot! That is too virgin indeed. “Make sure its clean and bug free”
    LOL yes. This is not even funny. How in the world do they think that’s
    okay? That’s a hot hizzy mess. Thank you for sharing, with the virgin hair
    craze you have people buying hair from overseas especially from
    Ali-Express. This is so sad. Thanks for sharing your story with the world.
    Hair lovers we need to look out. Try a lice shampoo & comb. I would even
    ask a doctor or trichologist what products they suggest.

  20. peepla7 says:

    That’s why I soak mine in vinegar before I use any hair…synthetic or
    real. Sorry that happened to you. You can soak it in sinkful of water with
    a cup or 2 of vinegar for 15 mins and still use it.

  21. carmelcode says:

    The link is in the info bar

  22. Sophie88 says:

    I just keep wondering if there are some actually interwoven into the
    stitches of the weft, so once you’ve cleaned the rest of the hair you might
    still have to deal with that. They really think its ok to expect customers
    to deal with this. I’m a quite lenient and dont mind most things a little
    shedding, some greys,some splits ends more a 2/4 than 1b etc but this is
    too much and from the highest ranking vendor. Its such a pain to have to
    deal with QHP have lost me as a customer & freaked me out.

  23. Deshay Foster says:

    did you throw the hair away , or treat it ? im shocked because i know
    absoluetly NOTHING about lice or lice knits …

  24. camilee says:

    Your hair is so beautiful. but girl that man is wrong. that dam fool. sorry
    to hear all that.

  25. Diamond storm says:

    LICE, oh my god! These companies are really in the hungry stages of getting
    money no mattter what…DAMN

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