The Tick – The Tick vs. The Idea Men

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25 Responses to The Tick – The Tick vs. The Idea Men

  1. Kellianne Hutchinson says:

    My favorite cartoon show EVER!

  2. Vivienne Lucy Nonis says:

    Spooooooooon!!! Ahahahah … i love it! Thx for uploading. 

  3. DarWINRAR says:

    “Bi-polar Bear”

  4. Ajax Vala says:

    I died at Captain Lemming.

  5. Charlie Dunes says:

    “Some people just shouldn’t be in this business.” LOL,tick’s best line

  6. Kane3036 says:

    so many memories

  7. Aditya Palange says:

    I’ve use to watch this show in my childhood but it was so long time and I
    forgot it’s name …. i was searching for it long time….. but now I’ve
    found out…. this show brings back my childhood memories …… thanks a

  8. Alex Rees says:

    i love how smashes everything he steps on! so much property damage lol

  9. Jay C. says:

    Remember watching this on DVD when I had a stomach virus. This show helped


  10. Justin Bowers says:


  11. Startexkid says:

    Still watching in 2014 :D 

  12. Samantha Warren says:

    Ah memories

  13. Chuck Baker says:

    Probably one of the greatest motivational speakers to have ever lived. 

  14. Chris G says:

    Probably the best comic/cartoon adaptation ever.

  15. Thomas Lauffenberger says:

    “…surviving the deadliest engine of destruction 1974 has to offer!”

    Wasn’t that a Ford Pinto?

  16. darkspeed54 says:

    do not watch while eaiting!…Repeat, DO NOT WATCH WHILE EATING!

  17. DiDray992 says:

    “No Arthur, you’re very flying!” 

  18. garavitomichael1 says:

    Dude thanks for putting this on YouTube couldn’t find it online to watch

  19. Georjeanna Feltha says:

    I have loved this show for YEARS!!! Most people do not know how intelligent
    it is..and yes FUNNY.

  20. Colm O'Keane says:

    Should have said a ticking time bomb @18.19 But still hilarious

  21. liamevans1987 says:

    Bipolar Bear xD that made me pee xD

  22. HailXen says:

    Alright Idea Man…..What’s the big idea? lol this made my childhood

  23. nytemare29 says:

    According to the comics he broke out of a mental asylum

  24. pyromonki12 says:

    Bipolar bear and captain lemming are amazing

  25. Vigo 894 says:

    Worked for Captain America.

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