Lesson 39, CNA Training – Topical Application of Medication to Skin [Part2]

http://www.freecnatrainingguide.com/ – Lesson 39, Topical Application of Medication to Skin – Part 2. Free CNA Training & CNA Certification Videos.

Status of my topical steroid withdrawal at about 20 months.
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9 Responses to Lesson 39, CNA Training – Topical Application of Medication to Skin [Part2]

  1. David Fitchett says:

    What did you use for moisturizer Sir? Great video!

  2. Joey Sipos says:

    2 month of withdraw, going through absolute hell. I knows exactly that
    ooze/ sweat coming out. :( Your video is extremely important. Cant thank
    you enough…

  3. krys chiem says:

    Very comforting video, Tracy. Thank you so much for sharing. Was
    wonderful to listen in on your experiences once again. 13 months and

  4. Swanky Butters says:

    Your videos are really saving me my friend… You have no idea.

  5. Krystle-Jade Millward says:

    Hey Bryan, cut out anything that you know to increase inflammation – the
    usual suspects are refined sugar, dairy and for some people ‘nightshade’
    vegetables. Do what you can to increase your overall health so as not to
    sabotage the healing process with a poor diet. But there’s not much, from
    what I’ve read, that will speed the process. Just stay positive as best you

  6. Ken Stewart says:

    Great video! Cheers

  7. Bryan Botterill says:

    im just starting TSW is there any tips to help ease the process? did you
    cancel out any foods or ingredients in your diet? kind regards Bryan

  8. Krystle-Jade Millward says:

    ABSOLUTELY! Don’t risk addiction and having to go through the excruciating
    withdrawal process

  9. MELISSA JAMES says:

    You look GREAT :)

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