Some cool Lice images:


Image by tuppus
Esther of Fleas & Lice

1965 07 23 21-24

Image by Kalense Kid
It will be easier to read in Original resolution.

A Jingle to the Colonial Louse
(No apologies to polite ears)
A life of greed Colonial Louse
stuffing your guts with brussels sprouts,
golf and gin you arrogant breed
on what else does your belly feed?
Fat bug!
From Colonial Louse we understand
natives blow their nose in hand,
but what of your civilising spree
swiping grub from every tree?
Swollen bug!
When infant dies of broken tummy
ain’t children dying bloody funny,
has Colonial louse his fill?
no! the god-fearing louse is gorging still.
Bloated bug!
A life of greed Colonial louse
pewking in your summer house,
be-gloved, be-jeweled, tie-fidgeting breed,
beware! we know on what you feed…
Eat a goose or eat a mouse, the end is now you Colonial louse.


Image by Roberto Verzo
Built to remind the residents of the vine louse. Phylloxera, the vine louse wiped out 90% of Europe’s vineyards at the end of the 19th century when it was imported to southern France on some native North American vine cuttings.
Location: Sooss – Lower Austria

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