How to Treat Snake Mites

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  1. Dmitry Gradov says:

    I don’t have PAM I have some Wipe Out 1 for the cage, I soaked the cage and
    everything in water with little bit of bleach then I dry it and use wipe
    out. Would that work to kill the mites in the cage? And for my snake (I
    have a ball python) I soaked it in luke warm water and then sprayed it with
    reptile spray that you used in the video. How many times a week or month do
    I do this to the snake and the cage to ensure that all the mites are gone?
    Like you said it’s poison and I don’t want to over do it. Thank for your
    help I feel really bad that my snake has mites and I want to get rid of all
    of them asap :( 

  2. Cornsnake leger says:

    Can u see mites

  3. Olyvia Gauvin says:

    thanks for helping!!!!!!

  4. Zombierobot88 says:

    I used this method to treat my snakes about 2 weeks ago exactly, except I
    used paper towels instead of substrate. Between my room mate and I, we have
    about 17 snakes. The mites have been a nightmare, and my room mate has
    handled this issue with no urgency. Which totally sucks because out of 17
    snakes, I only own 3 of them. I seriously and as immidiately as possible
    want these mites gone! 2 days later my juvenile milksnake started twitching
    and was not responding normally. I figured that because I used paper towels
    that I accidentally poisoned him. So I worked him back to health by
    removing him from the enclosure and giving him warm baths for the next few
    days. He survived but I knew I would have to treat all of the snakes again
    soon so this time I used substrate and followed all of the steps. Now my
    room mate’s mexican king snake is showing similar signs. What am I doing
    wrong? And how can I get rid of these mites without killing my reptiles?

  5. Crispy Kush says:

    I handled my red tail in my bed for a couple days. Sometimes for hours. She
    just sleeps on me. Just found a mite today. Will the mites live on my bed
    and clotges? Also they were biting me. Do snake mites bite? 

  6. LLLReptile and Supply Co, Inc. says:

    Just keep her cage clean and make sure she stays hydrated. Otherwise, it’s
    just patience and routine treatments!

  7. Chennie Rob says:

    Oh I know. So I ended up getting them, it sucks. They almost killed one of
    my pastel babies. Probably like 3 days after I typed that comment I noticed
    something in my pastel male’s eye, after a closer, I noticed it was mites.
    Luckily, I started using more frequently the Prevent a mite, and I haven’t
    seen them for about 3 weeks now. I think I got them from the pet store
    where I get my feeders.

  8. Flako Savage says:

    I got a 9 foot boaijust bought,it has THOUSANDS of mites and don’t think
    the cricket keeper will work lol I need help on this ! Please

  9. LLLReptile and Supply Co, Inc. says:

    Put the water bowl back in at the same time you put the snake in. :)

  10. D3aDVideos says:

    Tarantulas aren’t bugs they’re are arachnids. Haha

  11. ALGB00tyHamm3r says:

    She did say that you did not need to dump the substrate, but wouldn’t that
    be easier? Could I just fill the tank with water and just soak any of the
    rocks and bowls for a bit?

  12. Ying Liu says:

    Would it be safe to spray Reptile Relief on my baby ball python in a
    kritter keeper too? :/

  13. thegamingreptilekeeper says:

    what would i do with my full adult carpet pythons cage that is in a huge

  14. Joseph Stell says:

    I’m 13 and I want to work at LLLREPTILE I love reptiles I have a female
    ball python

  15. Flako Savage says:

    My Instagram is flakosreptiles In case you need

  16. MrPoncho740 says:

    How do you know if a reptile has mites?

  17. LLLReptile and Supply Co, Inc. says:

    Provent a Mite for the cage, definitely, but you shouldn’t need to treat
    the snake. Baby snakes can be more sensitive to the reptile relief, so it’s
    better to err on the safe side and if at all possible, not treat them.
    Using the provent a mite in just the cage should work fine for you!

  18. LLLReptile and Supply Co, Inc. says:

    Not really. I just spray the cage until it gets foggy – I cover at least
    half the top on screen lid cages with a towel, and close as much of the
    door as possible with vision cages to keep the provent a mite in the cage.

  19. Elise Huffman says:

    It would kill the mites as well as the tarantula, since they’re both
    insects. You’ll need to find another method, try a tarantula forum for tips
    and tricks

  20. BronzeTiger82 says:

    I’ve heard that you can spot treat mites on a snake with olive oil to
    suffocate them and they drop off. Is this the case?

  21. LLLReptile and Supply Co, Inc. says:

    Ideally, your snake will never get mites. If it does, they don’t really
    want to get on you – they can’t feed on mammalian blood, only reptiles.
    Washing your hands will get rid of them.

  22. kylefoster618 says:

    I want a snake and I’m a new on snakes so I’m wondering will mites ever get
    on you it just a scary feeling

  23. crmedi86 says:

    other snakes, bedding, wood in the cage, feeders, yourself, etc. it
    happens. just like a dog gets fleas a snake can get mites.

  24. Peter Mansfield says:

    My snake wont eat and I’ve seen mites on him. I’ve been so worried! I live
    in South Africa and might not be able to buy these products but I am
    planning to speak to my local snake expert and treat my snake. Any further
    advice? I am new to snakes so any advice will be welcomed. Thanks :)

  25. Chennie Rob says:

    I don’t mean to be a smart ass, but the best way I use to prevent mite or
    get rid of them is to never get them!! And knock on wood, I have 8 snakes
    and none of them have NEVER had them!!

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