Someone’s being very clever

A few nice Lice images I found:

Someone’s being very clever

Image by yooperann
If you have to make your way past "falling ice" signs in April, at least they should make you smile. The one in back, not as distinctly, warns of falling lice.

There are at least two dozen photos of "caution, falling mice" signs on Flickr, but I figure my mom hasn’t seen one before. Hi, Mom!

My favorite flickr photo you find when you search for "falling mice" is this one.


Image by VSmithUK
Photo of a photo by Peter Broennimann, showing Waorani (Huaorani) women and children inspecting one another’s hair for lice, which they kill by biting. American Museum of Natural History.


Image by rachidH
Sodom’s Apple Fruit ~ Giant Milkweed ~ Calotropis procera ~ Roostertree ~ Aphids ~ Plant Lice ~ in Cairo, Egypt

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