Josh Klinghoffer e Flea em entrevista para a RDS (2011) – Legendado em Português

Tradução e Legendas:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Exterminator shows you how to trap fleas with this homemade flea trap.

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47 Responses to Josh Klinghoffer e Flea em entrevista para a RDS (2011) – Legendado em Português

  1. matthew heppner says:

    josh- i get you homie

  2. nobody3151 says:

    Já ouviu falar em falsete? nubi

  3. Jason West Jones says:

    Josh stepped up where few could.

  4. Gustavo Santiago says:

    hauahuhauhauha nunca vi uma entrevista tão estranha… kkkkk acho que o
    cara se deu mal no ingles.. ele tem vocabulário e tal mas articulou super
    mal suas ideias..

  5. Jae Moon says:

    the interviewer talks 100x more than them. wtf.

  6. Nessa Blasius says:

    O Josh não pára quieto ne!!! Lindo

  7. smn4me says:

    like these guys so much

  8. Gabi Pinheiro says:

    reporter muito chato

  9. davidwantsahug says:

    The interviewer was patronising to Josh. Fuck you!!!

  10. Diego Núñez says:

    the only one who haven´t notice that is the interviewer hahahahahaha

  11. caio pmortal says:

    05:03 que porra essa

  12. sapienalien says:

    flea’s thelonious monk shirt. nice.

  13. AvrilRamona26 says:

    I love Flea’s voice! <3

  14. Antonia Day says:

    ah yes josh is so wise drinking his tea

  15. Jessica Hartman says:

    Who is this jerky interviewer? I really don’t like the way he talked to
    Josh like he was a stupid little kid with stars in his eyes. Sure, joining
    RHCP is a great opportunity but this is a man who has accomplished a lot in
    his musical life already. Interviewer needs to do a little more research
    and recognize!

  16. antoniotu says:

    Eu li essa entrevista em italiano, aí eles estão no Hotel Four Seasons de
    Milão e rachei o bico com esse cara. Até os dois riram dele, cara louco
    largado nas dorgas.

  17. Felix Maynard says:

    is flea baked? i believe he still smokes

  18. Addison Duff says:

    This guy was a blast to listen to. It was a nice change from all of the
    other interviewers you get. My favorite I’m With You interview yet.

  19. Shane Cheung says:

    did the interviewer cut flea off what the heck 4:06

  20. dazzledazz123 says:

    O John era igualzinho Josh quando entrou no Red Hot.

  21. plstrom says:

    you just can see in Flea face what he is thinking… “the Emotional” dude
    !!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  22. SPENCER1999NC says:

    I love this song but its a B-side :(

  23. Vanesa Tolosa says:

    Josh is a bag full of nerves.

  24. davidwantsahug says:

    Josh is actually quite relaxed! It’s awesome!

  25. Jae Moon says:

    fair enough, devil’s advocate

  26. will hux says:


  27. EmpireLS56KW says:

    Cool idea.

    6 dislikes are fleas! And need to be killed! 

  28. JackVeryEvil says:

    Yeah, good one! I wish they all die drawned.

  29. Enrico Rizzo says:

    Put a tea candle in the center they are attracted to the heat and lihht
    works better trust me .

  30. avengingangel17 says:

    I agree I tried it and nothing

  31. Thebrawlerguy says:

    I doubt it since ticks don’t get around as quickly as fleas do.

  32. Mary Poggemann says:

    The home made flea trap works really well. I use dawn dishwashing liquid…

  33. Brandi P says:

    where did you have it, cause i had a guy come spray and he told me same
    thing although he said butter cont. and put it under couch bed and other
    dark places

  34. andyboy1999 says:

    This dose not work at all i had it out for 3 days and nuthin was cought in

  35. Pokemon39455 says:

    Just make sure your pets or children do not disturb

  36. blaze556922 says:

    Its actually called “surface tension” and is a characteristic of all
    liquids, not just water… :)

  37. Mandy Dee says:

    does this really work?

  38. Genesectzdb says:

    Do you have a dog or cat?

  39. Sam Santistevan says:

    fuck fleas seriously

  40. jarmelo2006 says:

    But I only have three squirts left….

  41. Samoh Kul says:

    “If you have just a few fleas” means you have a big flea problem.

  42. Nancy Sims says:

    they do, that’s the problem

  43. eeZee E says:

    its called water tension what u have on top of anything full of water n how
    certain animals can walk on it can test it properly. Take
    something that will float on normal water, like a razor blade, then add oil
    or washing up liquid and even after 3 drops in a plate full you will see it
    sink meaning breaking the water surface tension, this is indeed what one
    needs as the buggers will not just walk on it but even climb back out etc,
    thought i share so you know the science behind it ;)

  44. Nancy Sims says:

    maybe you don’t have bugs where you put it

  45. Pokemon39455 says:

    Less water with a tea light candle works well also

  46. Antifoul Awl says:

    i want to attract them

  47. Bryan Ward says:

    Is it okay to bath my cats in it?

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