How to get rid of lice fast in a natural way What to do if you or your kid has lice?You need to know how to get rid of li…

This video answers another common question… How do I get rid of head lice? As long as you have a good lice comb on hand and plenty of everyday hair conditi…
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  1. Cynthia McCann says:

    Go to the CDC’s website – there are now 2 treatments recently approved that
    are available by RX, that have very high effectiveness rates, and without

  2. squidling says:

    Professional lice tech here. Rid and Nix don’t work anymore. Frustration
    guaranteed if you use them. Comb the entire head with an enzymatic shampoo
    and a long-tined metal nit comb. Comb flat to the head. Wipe lice and
    nits on white paper towels to see progress. Comb each section until there
    are no longer any lice or nits coming out. It’s a lot more complicated
    than this, but I needed to correct the video. Mayo doesn’t work well at
    all. There are lots of videos on YouTube showing you how to do this. 

  3. Ariah Risk says:

    can you use dog shampoo??

  4. John Bocata says:

    This works great. Try it out and let us know if it worked for you here by

  5. Jacqueline Martinez says:


  6. FireHeart Kakegamic says:

    I just banged my head on the wall for a long time and after a while my mom
    checked my hair and they were flat like paper xD

  7. Julianna Jolie says:

    Try ClearLice it kills the head lice for 45 seconds.

  8. John Bocata says:

    @halliwel walliat Have you checked the link?Washing hair with vinegar CAN
    work well. Massage your head with any of the following oils: tea tree oil ,
    coconut oil , corn or olive oil. Applying lime juice and garlic paste and
    leaving it for thirty minutes can be useful. Massaging mayonnaise on hair
    and scalp helps to choke the breathing tube of the lice Adding camphor
    powder with coconut oil and applying the mixture on a regular basis can be
    a great way to get rid of lice leave feedback

  9. Ir Yash says:

    any other natural quick n fast home remedy ??????

  10. amber lam says:

    i tried that, now my hair an ugly color, and it did NOT work

  11. karley1207 says:

    Just use hair dye…

  12. jenny tradn says:

    I had lice when I was 5 my friend came to my house because we had a
    sleepover and they got lice on mee but its gone

  13. David Lopez says:

    what happens if you have some in your eyebrows and eyelashes….i dont have
    any there but i know someone who does

  14. TheElalaThrone says:

    did this helped?

  15. Free running Freak says:

    is it safe to use dog shampoo

  16. ThatOneFriend says:

    o_o why would anyone want to know that honestly?

  17. FlaminBunnie says:

    My cousin has lice and I really ent to help I’m trying to find stuff to
    help… I have none tho my parents check and I personally think dog or cat
    shampoo helps. I have been using it on her and it has been working all we
    need to do now is get the eggs out. Before they hatch.

  18. Bernice garcia says:

    I don’t like the rid shampoo but I have done the mayonnaise method and that
    really did help so do I have to both for it to work?

  19. bob chag says:

    WOW that is a great

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